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Top 12 Innovative Concept Cars For The Future

TI is driving the Future of Automotive Technology

TI are the leading suppliers of automotive technology and they offer innovations for modern and future cars. TI company allows their customers to introduce innovative technologies, that will offer more safety, entertainment, assist in parking, detect the condition of the driver and communication technology for cars. They help transform cars into command centers for information and entertainment.

Honda NeuV

This car is made in japan and it is equipped with an emotional engine. It has a small emoji like display to allow it to interact with you. Also, the car when not in use can be used to generate some money for its owner. Through automated driving it can pick and drop passengers around town. The can generates energy that can be sold to other cars during peak time. Making more money for its owner. On the inside, the car has two seats and a storage area at the back. It has a touch panel where both the driver and the passenger can use.

Goodyear Eagle-360

This special tire was unveiled in Geneva, Switzerland in March 2016. This unique tire is spherically shaped. It offers high maneuverability, connectivity and safety. Due to its shape it offers high maneuverability and can move in all directions. The tire is capable of moving in obstacles and surfaces such as black ice without sliding thus preventing potential accidents. Due to its flexibility in turning the car is easy and quick to park on the parking lot.


This concept car from BMW is completely digital and it is capable of providing the driver with intuitive and subtle assistance in every situation. The car provides the driver with reliable information on both the internal and external environment of the car. BMW Vision 100 has alive geometry that helps display the analogue system on the dashboard to alert the driver of any object on the way. The car lacks the middle console and it has a bigger room to expand legs at the front and at the rear.

LeEco LeSee

This is an all-electric concept car with a unique body structure. It is equipped with a huge LED light strip at the front of the car. This front LED display is used for displaying important information about the car. Also, there are LED lights fitted at the rear of the car. On the interior, the car is fitted out with a display screen at the front. There are speculations that the speed of this concept car will be 130 mph.

Car Airbus Italdesign Pop. Up Concept

This is a modular ground and air vehicle. This car was designed to ease traffic and congestion in major cities. It is a flexible 2 seater vehicle with a freedom and speed with vertical and take-off and landing. The passenger’s capsule is equipped with high-tech and made from carbon-fiber. It has a length of 2.6 meters with a height of 1.4 meters and width of 1.5 meters. On a flight mode, the capsule detaches from the ground module. This self-piloted vehicle is propelled on air by eight rotating rotors. When not on the move this car will autonomously return to charging station.

Toyota Concept-i

This car uses artificial intelligence to interact with its driver. It offers the safest and most reliable mode of transport. This concept car is able to monitor the condition of the driver. It can analyze the emotions of a driver and predict their preferences. Additionally, the car automated to offer driving assistance. You can easily switch from manual to automatic driving easily. For instance, this car can sense when the driver is in a bad mood or fatigued and switch it itself to automated driving. The car can bring up a topic to start a conversation with the driver. Due to its small size, it is convenient to drive around the city. It can accommodate up to 4 people. Thanks to its automated features, the vehicle can be used by anyone, including the elderly or people in a wheelchair.

MINI Vision Next 100

This concept is highly personalized to always feel like yours even if shared. The exterior of the car transforms to suit your preference and personality. The beam is personalized to give you a personal greetings when you approach the car. When travelling, the car will automatically, drive through a service hub for cleaning and recharging.


This is lightweight car that can accommodate the driver and a passenger. It is made from sturdy carbon fiber with underfloor aerodynamics that can produce high levels of down force. The total weight of this car is 1000 kg. The car is capable of producing 1000Kw during acceleration and absorb 400 Kw when braking. In addition the car is equipped with a 6.5 liter naturally aspirated V12 engine.

SRT Tomahawk Gran Turismo

This is a one seat concept car with a mid-rear engine and an all-wheel drive. The car is constructed around the composite chassis and designed on aggressive power train. This vehicle is fitted out with a 144 degree 6.98 liter with a V-10 engine that produces up to 1000 horse power. The chassis of this vehicle is made from hollow carbon Nanofibers and graphene micro-lattice materials, which makes the car light weight.

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQ Silver Arrow

This is a one seater luxurious car designed for driving and acceleration pleasure. The design of this car is a combination of beauty, both digital and analogue elements with a unique silhouette. This car is 5.3 meters long with a depth of one meter. The body of this car is built from carbon fiber. The exterior of the car is silver painted which makes it look like a liquid metal. The front of this car is equipped with blue LED lighting. The same lighting is fitted out at the sides of the car. Additionally, the same LED lighting is used at the rear of the car. The rose gold color is used at the half covered wheels of the car.

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