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Top 13 Ingenious Secret Tools The Police Use


This is a very powerful barrier made by the Heald corporations. It rises from its position under the ground. It is capable of stopping a 7.5 ton truck at a speed of 80 km/h. This barrier is very strong can withstand such force without getting damaged. This barrier device has a retracting motion and a modernistic shard shape that is perfectly fitted on any architectural design of any building. The HTI Raptor has passed the ASTM crash sheet and it can be deployed just as a single unit or in multiples as part of the security perimeter system.


This device is made by the Global Corporation Federal Signal for deflating car tires. It is was designed to help police stop vehicles that try to escape them. The device has been in use for a long time and it has been proved to be highly effective. This device can be stored and transported in a portable carrying case inside the police car trunk. It comes in three different sizes to ensure effectiveness in different tire sizes. During the operation, this device is spread out across the road. They are designed such that they move in a rocking and tilting motion once it gets into contact with the tire. This will cause a gradual loss of air pressure on the car tires which makes the driver unable to further drive the car.

Nimbo Security Robot

This is a compact robot that is used by the police for safety, intelligence and for patrolling. The device can be used on streets and it is able to identify objects around it. For example, it can tell a person, a car and other objects. Thanks to its autonomous nature, the robot can move easily among people and follow a predetermined route. In addition, Nimbo is able to record and log everything that is happening around and sends images to the control panel.


This is a car stopping speed bump with a spider man style. This Pitbull or pit ballistic is an undercarriage lanyard that was created for the US Department of Homeland Security for Potential Deployment and for the military checkpoints. The technology used to develop this device was originally made for the squid or the safe quick undercarriage immobilization device.


This is a vehicle tracking system with high end and innovative technology. It enables the police to track and locate a vehicle from anywhere in the world. It helps the police deal with dangerous and high speed cars. This technology applies the use of a special GPS enabled adhesive tag that helps the police to easily track the vehicle wherever it might be. The tag is fired from a console from the police car that is mounted with a Starchase firing system using a handheld launcher or a remote.


This Fox tire stopper was made to control the movement of a vehicle in certain restricted areas. This tire stopper is designed in such a way that the passengers will not be injured during the stoppage. This device focuses on the wheels alone. They sit well on the road to ensure proper road drainage.

Grappler Police Bumper

This device enables the police to stop a fleeing car at a high speed. The police pursuing a suspect car will hurl a net that wraps the target car on the rear wheel. The wheel will get tangled by the net and the grappler will destroy the tire. It grabs the car axle and brings the car to a stop. The Police Bumper is fired from a safe distance. The bumper is fixed at the front side of the police car. It is usually disguised as an innocent object such as the bicycle with spikes that are capable of deflating the tire.

Qube Drone

Today, drones are widely used by many people. Drones have become an important aspect of human life. They can be used to put off fires, rescue people, shoot videos and photographs. The manufacturers of this drone created it to help during the emergency situations where the police need aerial assistance. It is very easy and quick to set up this drone to fly. In less than five minutes the drone is ready for use. It will record and show everything that is happening when pursuing criminals. The battery of this device can last for up to 40 minutes of continuous working

The Recon Scout XT

This is device allows the police to gather important information without compromising human life. It is a compact robot that was specifically made for helping the police in emergency and difficult areas. This robot is strong and durable. It can withstand a fall from a height of approximately 9 meters on a hard surface. The device is compact sized and can move quietly without drawing attention. Another important feature of this robot is that the robot is equipped with infrared lighting system to enable it move in total darkness.


This net and cable barriers offers a special way of keeping unwanted cars away from trespassing a restricted area. This net has the ability to deploy or retract in just two seconds. Also, the net has the ability to stop up to a 15000 pound vehicle moving at a speed of up to 50 miles/hour. This barrier net can extend up to a distance of 80 feet. It is equipped with a recordable video surveillance that is kept in a special enclosure.


This barrier was created for stopping trespassers. It offers maximum security against unauthorized wheeled vehicles of different sizes into a restricted area. This barrier has an installation depth of only 300 millimeters with the lowest foundation thickness in the world. This is very useful especially in areas where security is important. It can be hydraulically lifted for impact in just one second. It is very strong and it has a blocking width of 4 meters.

Bullet-Proof Origami

This device was created to solve the problems the police are exposed to everyday in their line of duty. It is designed to help protect the health of the police in dangerous operations. This bullet proof device is portable, compact sized and can easily be deployed in the field. To use it you do not need to hold it in your hands or place it against any surface.

BatlSkin Viper Helmet

Unlike the traditional police helmets, this helmet provides maximum safety for the officers during the operation. It helps protect the head of the police and help them combat well and for better surveillance. This helmet helps protect the police’s head from explosion fragments and ballistic threats. The helmet is light weight for comfortable wearing and it offers high quality and military standard protection for the soldiers.

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