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TOP 25 Kitchen Gadgets Put To The Test

Butter Mill Grate

Do You Like to Eat a Toast With Butter in the Mornings? If Yes Then This Kitchen Tool Is Just for You. It Is a Butter Grater Which Makes the Butter Easier to Spread on the Toast.


Here Is a Super Helpful Kitchen Gadget That Can Be Perfect for Those Who Like to Make Beautiful Dishes. This Vegetable Cutter Has Various Blades That Can Cut Vegetables Into Spirals or Noodles. This Way You Can Decorate Your Dishes With Beautifully Shaped Vegetables.


Are You a Seafood Lover? If Yes, We’d Like to Introduce You This Cooker That Can Make Delicious Shrimp Within Minutes. It Cooks While Rotating the Bowl.

No Spill Mill

This Elegant Designed Pepper Grinder Will Be a Great Add for Every Kitchen. Not Only It Has a Sleek Design but Also It Works Better Then the Classic Pepper Grinders. The Pepper Will Not Fall Out of It and You Do Not Need to Rotate Anything to Make the Pepper Come. Just Press It, That’s It.

3 in 1 Peeling

The Sharp Blade of This Knife Allows Us to Peel a Whole Potato in the Matter of Seconds.

Sandwith Cage-

With the Help of This Compact Kitchen Tool You Can Easily Use Your Toaster as a Sandwich Maker. It Holds the Two Slices of the Bread Without Letting Them Fall.


This Kitchen Tool Is for Making Wholes Inside Vegetables. You Can Use It for Cooking Staffed Vegetables.

Icecream Molds

With This Ice-cream Forms You Can Make a Home-made Ice-cream. Just Fill in the Forms With a Yogurt and Put It Into the Freezer. After a While You Will Get Delicious Ice-cream.


You Have Never Seen a Knife Like This Before. There Are for Knifes That Fit Into One Knife.

Pull Out Cabinet

This Useful Kitchen Tool Allows You to Hand All Your Pans in One Place. It Has Adjustable Hooks That Can Be Added Whenever Needed. This Way You Will Save a Lot of Space.

Coffee T Disc Carousel

This Tea and Coffee Dispenser Makes the Process of Making a Tea or Coffee Much Faster and Easier. You Can Even Rotate It to Choose Your Favorite One. Also, Its Elegant Design Will Fit to Any Kitchen.

Colander Set

These Are Space Saving and Heat Resistant Water Strainers That Come in Two Sizes. The Best Part About These Containers Is That They Can Become Compact to Not Take Much Space in the Kitchen. You Can Even Wash Them in the Dish Washer as They Will Not Undertake Deformation From the Heat.

Fruit Scoop

This Is a Circle Shaped Knife That Makes the Fruit Cutting and Peeling Process Much Easier. You Can Peel Kiwi Fruit, Mango, Dragon Fruit or Even a Watermelon With This Knife to Be Left With Clean Peel Free Fruit.

Turkey Lifter

This Useful Kitchen Tools Takes Up Very Little Space in the Kitchen but Can Help for Cooking a Turkey a Lot. You Can Put the Turkey on It Then Transfer It With the Handles Into the Oven When It Is Ready You Can Take It From the Handles and Take It Out of the Oven.

This Knife Is Designs Special for Cutting Oranges and Grapefruits. Its Unique Design Gives Us the Ability to Carefully Separate the Parts of an Orange Without Damaging It.

Jar Opener

If You Struggle to Open Jars, Then This Kitchen Gadget Is What You Need. You Just Need to Place It on the Jar and It Will Do the Job for You.

Egg Slicer

For Those Who Like to Make Quick Salads With Eggs or Just Love to Have an Egg for Breakfast, We Introduce This Special Egg Cutter. You Can Get Equal Slices of Eggs With Just One Move.

Salt Ball-

This Salt Bowl Will Keep the Salt Dry and Clean. Use Your Finger to Slide It Open.


If You Have a Small Kitchen, Where You Cannot Fit All Your Kitchen Tools, You Can Replace Most of Them With Just One Multifunctional Board. It Is a Combination of a Cutting Board, a Strainer, Grater and a Bottle Opener. The Board by the Way Can Be Folded to Add the Ingredients Into the Bowl. Isn't This Just Perfect?

Trash Can

Here Is a 40 L Trash Container That Fits Inside a Kitchen Cupboard. To Take It Out You Just Need to Roll It Out and Then Roll It Back in.

Coffe Baskets-

This Is a Perfect Container for Keeping Your Coffee in.


This Perfect Kitchen Tool Is Called the Xpotkettle. The Bottom of This Kettle Is Made of High0quality Aluminum, While the Walls Are Made of Heat Resistant Silicone. The Container Can Collapse Down and Become a Flat Object Without Taking Much Space. This Kettle Is Perfect for Making Food While at Camp. It Is Designed to Fit Two Xcups Inside It.

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