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Transformer Mask

The transformers mask is light weight and made with environmental friendly materials. The mask is uniquely and safely handmade to support comfortable wearing even for long hours. It is suitable for different types of parties such as birthdays, Halloween and birthday events for both women and men. It is suitable for people above 10 years.


The ninja swords are made with non-toxic plastic and are safe toys. They are translucent emitting multicolor LED lights. When swaying the blades, press on the button on the handle to produce clanging sounds for a more realistic experience. These beautiful swords are great accessories for parties such as birthdays, Halloween, and themed parties.

Iron Man Piggy Bank

Iron man piggy is a kid’s safe piggy savings account. It has slot for both coins and paper money for easy and fun depositing. The lights of the piggy turn on and make sounds when you open and close the door. It is a cool and fun way of teaching kid how to save money.

Thanos Figurine

The figurine is inspired by the super hero Thanos. The figurine measures 6.5 inches and it sparks the kid’s innovation by imagining that they are saving the universe. You can get the figurine alone or alongside other accessories.

Superheroes Costume

If you are looking to have different superheroes costumes, you will be spoilt for choice. There is a variety of costumes on Amazon and AliExpress for both children and adults with different sizes. The costumes are suitable for Halloween parties, themed parties, or birthdays. Whether its wonder woman, Spiderman. Captain America, Black Panther, all costumes are available.

Aquaman Trident

The aqua man trident is available in three different sizes. It is made with safe and high quality plastic to avoid breakage and damage. The sword is a unisex perfect gift for children above three years old. When you play with it, the sword emits luminous lights and musical sounds.

Panther Costume

The black panther costume is made for adults and kids. The suit is made of cotton, polyester, and faux leather. The costume is inspired by the black panther movie and you can order a custom made suit that fits perfectly. The costume comes with the mask and is suitable for all parties.

Flash Drives Superheroes

The flash drives are custom made and you can one with your favorite superhero. The flash drives are available in batman, Spiderman, captain America or any other superhero you like. The size of the flash drives ranges from 4 GB to 256 GB. The support USB version is 2.0 and 1.0 for these drives.

Deadpool Costume

The dead pool costume is unisex designed hoodies for both kids and adult male and female. The costumes are made cotton material. It is available in different sizes of sweatshirts and hoodies. it is suitable for superhero themed parties such as birthdays, Halloween among others. The hoodies are perfect for the cold season.

Tony Stark's Reactor

The iron man merchandise has a dome height of 8 cm and figure height of 6 cm. It is made of ABS plastic enclosed in a transparent case. The reactor is compactly designed and you can stack and connect various domez for a customized display. If you want to add to your collection of superheroes accessories, Tony Stark Reactor is perfect.

Pip Boy

It is wearable gaming device that duplicates the in-game model. It comes with a stand. The device has a custom-printed capsule and rotating lights and knobs. The pip boy can connect to smartphone to give you an exciting gaming experience. The mobile app of Pip Boy allows the player to manage their holotapes, in game inventory, and the perks.

Mask Bane

The batman mask bane is made with 100% plastic. The bane mask is suitable for fun events and parties such as birthdays, Halloween, or birthday parties. Wearing this mask will take to the good old days of Gotham city of old. The dimensions of the mask bane are 22.9x 17.8x08 cm and a weight of 27.2g.

IT Costume

The superheroes costumes are unique because every hero is different from the other. There are so many superheroes on comic and movie universe. Get a costume for the hero you admire the most and let your imagination wander to save the world. There are different sizes of the costumes for children and adults.

Light Swords

The laser swords are expandable plastic glow swords. They expand from 18 to 30 inches. The light swords glow in different LED colors. The colors change quickly, blink, or flash. They are perfect to kid’s parties and adult night parties due to the glow of different colors. The light swords bring in a pleasant ambience and a jovial mood.

Computer Mouse

The superhero wireless computer mouse is inspired by the mask worn by different heroes. The mouse has cool LED lights and cute designs that make your gaming experience memorable. The mouse has an ergonomic design with a Nano receiver which allows you to work even from 10 meters away.

Grey Fox Helmet

A durable, 3D, and LED custom made helmet. It can be easily assembled. The helmet is a perfect decorative item especially for cosplay. It can be custom made for you according to the shape and size you want. The helmet is cast on Pla+ and resin PU.


Two pieces light sabers with war sounds and light. Flicker the swords to make them longer. The swords are made from durable and safe materials and children can safely play with it. They are colorful and attractive and they come in assorted colors and LED lights. Lightsabers can be used by toddlers and smaller children.

Levitating Iron Man

The floating/levitating iron man is made with ABS/PVC plastics with dimensions of 26x18x14 cm. When you turn the power on, be careful not to let the iron man get suctioned. The superhero toy is only suitable for children above the age of three. What’s more interesting is that the iron man has LED lights.

Claws of Wolverine

Two pairs of claws of wolverine with each claw weighing 1lbs. Each of the claws set has three claws which are 0.18 inches thick. Each claw is 9.45 inches long and 0.83 inches wide. The claws are sharp and can be used to cut the meat. It is only for adult use. Keep away from children because it can be harmful.

Hand Of An Iron Man

The hand of an iron man is a unisex for kids above six years old and adults. It is made of PVC material and it is 40 cm long. One piece of the hand weighs 2.6 kg. All the joints of the iron man are active and it has hidden LED lights. When in use the laser light shines green.

Spider-Man Costume

The Spider-man costumes stand out for bold and unique colors. The costumes are available for both kid and children. As one of the most admired superhero, the costume will give you the moment of pride as you visualize saving the world. It is suitable for all types of parties and its available in different sizes.


Each bag comes with two pieces of Baterang. The bat-shaped weapon is 15 cm long and it is made of metal. It is durable and sharp. You have to be careful when playing with it. It is suitable for children above six years under supervision of an adult. Keep it away from fire.

Mask Of The Iron Man

It is a super-hero iron man mask for the kids. The outer part is made with hard plastic. The inside part of the mask is made with comfortable and safe materials. The mask has an elastic strap to hold it safely in place. There are sizes for children and adults.

Thanos Glove

The Thanos glove is an incredible super toy suitable for children above three years old. The gloves run on a battery. It comes in different sizes to fit everyone. The largest size is 21 cm. The glove has music, movie inspired sound effects, and produces LED lights.

Hulk Costume

The suit is filled with fiber and a molded mask. It is a perfect gift for children above the age of two. It is available in different sizes for both kids and adults. You can wear the costume on top of your normal clothing.

Thor's Axe

The Thor’s electronic axe is a light weight axe suitable for kids above the age of four. It has avenger inspired sounds and lighting effect for kids who love avengers. It is made of plastic and it runs on 2AA batteries. Shake axe to get the light and sounds effect.

Spiderman Web Kit

The Spiderman web shooters kit has web shooting powers projected with a pair of Spiderman gloves. It shoots the plastic darts to a spider web projection on your wall. It weighs 1.1 pounds with dimensions of 14.6 x 11.8 x 4.4 inches. It is a unisex perfect gift especially for kids who enjoy mimicking Spiderman tactics.

Iron Man Laser Glove

The iron man laser gloves come in different sizes to fit smaller kids and adults. It is a perfect addition to any other superhero costume. The glove emits 800mW red + 3000mW blue laser lights. It produces sounds inspired by superhero movies.

Thors Hammer

The Thor toy hammer is a replica of the real Thor hammer. It is lightweight and made with durable plastics. Having the hammer in your hands will make you feel like a superhero protecting the universe from the evil forces. The toy hammer is suitable for children above three years.

Black Panther Claw

It is unisex superhero toy inspired by the Black Panther movie. It is suitable for children above five years who want to play the role of protecting the earth. It produces slashing sounds inspired by the movie and lights up when it comes into contact with any surface.

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