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Audi e-bike

Audi concept e-bike is lightweight weighing only 18.2 kilograms which makes it the lightest carbon e-mountain bikes in the world. The wheels, the full-suspension frames and the front suspension forks are made from carbon fiber. This bike is equipped with an excellent 4.3’’ color display system with intuitive user interface that gives you important information when riding. It displays information about the speed, the distance covered, pedal frequency and the status of the battery. In addition, the display offers exercise information of the rider such as the number of burned calories, pulse rate and mileage. Another important feature of this bike is that it is equipped with a locking system that locks the rear wheel and sets the alarm off if there is a stealing attempt. This bike uses Magura MT8 brakes, equipped with 2-piston caliper brakes with a carbon brake lever, which offers excellent stopping, stability and controlling power.

Helix Foldable Bike

This is considered the world’s best folding bike and at a fair price. It is equipped with a titanium frame, larger wheels, and a foldable size that can actually fit in your suitcase. It is small and compact and can reduce to the size of its wheels when folded. It is light weight, weighing only 22 lbs. (9.7 Kgs), thus convenient for carrying anywhere you want. The bike is made from durable materials, regardless of its lightweight and compact size. Additionally, the bike is equipped with a patented pending spring loaded locking system that go through the fork and steering tubes for the safe locking of the bike. Helix is capable of supporting other bike accessories such as mud guards, lights and a rack. Helix Bike will be available in three types: a 10 speed derailleur, 11 speed gear hub and a single speed.

I Lock It

This is a smart self-locking device for your bike that automatically unlocks when you get closer to your bicycle. It keeps your bike secure and saves you a lot of stress especially when you have forgotten your bike keys. This device makes it hard for thieves to steal to your bike. It is a small device that is made from a sturdy and durable hardened steel locking bolt. It is equipped with a 110 dB loud alarm and it sends alerts to your smart phone immediately when an intrusion occurs. With this smart locking device, you will forget about the lock cylinders which means your feel less vulnerability. You can use your smart phone to lock the bike using a special I Lock It application that you link to the device. With this App, you can configure the device and control it. It uses Low Energy Technology Bluetooth connections to send alerts to your Android or Apple smart devices. In addition, you can use the application on several other bikes with up to five different lock options. Also, the I Lock It device can be configured using different smartphones especially where you share the bike with your family members. It can be used by up to eight different smartphones. If you do not have a smartphone you can use the key-fob which runs on a coin battery cell and it can last up to one year on a manual use mode.

RadMini e-bike

This is the world’s first electric foldable bike that has a heavy duty and rear cargo racks and it is equipped with a 750 W and 48V power system. The bike is fitted out with a comfortable and compact 20”x4”t tires and it is capable of moving on snow and soft sand. In addition, this bike is equipped with big 180 mm disc brakes rotors that give outstanding stopping and controlling power. This is an ideal bike for running errands such as grocery shopping and it capable of moving on any kind of terrain. The Radmini is powered by a 48V 14Ah that enables you to ride for about 25-45 miles on a full charge. It takes approximately 5-6 hours to fully charge the battery. The bike can be easily folded for easy transporting and storage. Another feature of this bike is that the motor is fixed at the rear wheel and it helps increase the traction when climbing a hill and it offers excellent stability. It is fitted with perforated storm brake rotors to increase the weight with a diameter of 230 mm at the front and 180 mm at the rear to provide thermal resistance and dependable deceleration even on wet surfaces.

Lucid Brake 2.0

This is a wireless motion sensor that is used as a beacon light for your bike for safety reasons. It can be mounted on your backpack, helmet or the rear of your bike. It is lightweight, weighing only 23 grams and it is water proof. The device is equipped with 3M double-lock fasteners that are suitable for any surfaces. The device senses when the bike is slowing down or speeding and it will automatically switch itself on and off. When riding at a steady speed, the devices LED lights illuminates red to alert other road users of the cyclist. Additionally, the device has a 3 axis accelerometer that senses when you are braking relative to the force of gravity and it illuminates to flash red light, like in a car when it is braking. The device runs on a 2AAA batteries that are rechargeable.

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