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With this gadget, you will no longer hold your phone with one hand checking for directions while you are cycling. This device gives the biker an eyes-free navigation to make your cycling enjoyable and safer, it has a haptic feedback on the condition of the road and a tracking device for your bike using GPRS if you have misplaced it or it has been stolen. The device synchronizes with your smartphone via Bluetooth connections and it will vibrate the handle bars to notify you when to turn either left or right. The owner can set the bike to produce some noise if it is lost amidst many bikes. In addition, you can use the

gadget to receive notifications if someone in your group gets lost or strays away when going out for biking adventures. To install the smrtGRiPS, place them inside the handle bars of your bike and fasten them. The device comes with an aluminum case and they have a 300 feet Bluetooth range. They are equipped with a high capacity rechargeable battery that can last up to three months under normal use and they are water proof. The battery can be recharged using an USB cable. SmrtGRiPS are compatible with Android and IPhone smart devices.

Carbon SUV

This a strong all terrain bike that was specially designed for rough surfaces but it can also be used for city streets. It considered the most advanced version of e-bikes. It is lightweight but it can produce a lot of power. It comes in two versions: a 250W and 500W. Carbon SUV is perfect for fun riding and it can climb mountains while maintaining a great speed all the way to the top. It is capable of riding in snow, deserts and extreme conditions such as high water. For the 250W SUV, it has frame made from carbon aluminum alloy, both front and rear brakes made from hydraulic brake disc with a 400mm and 210 mm respectively. It has a total weight of 28.5 Kgs and has a 36V 12 Ah lithium Ion battery. The SUV 250W can develop a maximum speed of 15.5 mph (25 Km/h). The Carbon SUV 500W has these feature: a maximum speed of 21.7 mph (35Km/h), both the front and the rear suspension, the front and rear hydraulic disk brakes measuring 400 mm and 210 mm respectively.

Snikky Bike

This is a self-balancing electric unicycle. This e-bike requires the rider to ride in an upright standing position. It is equipped with a bike wheel at the front and a small engine wheel at the back. Snikky Bike is equipped with flexible and coordinated riding features. The bike has large wheels with pneumatic tires that make it easy to ride even on uneven roads, low footboards, stable casing and it has moveable handlebars. Additionally, the bike has two stopping systems that work independently of each other. Additional features of this bike are: it has recuperation brakes that operate through an electric drive generator. This bike offers the rider with a great all round visibility of the streets and of other road users because the upright riding position. The bike is fitted out with a standard brake at the front wheel. The bike has a retractable battery pack that can be opened to access the battery on the handle bars. The battery can be recharged using a cable on any standard power outlet and it takes 2 hours to fully charge the battery. This speed of this bike can vary pursuant to many factors but it has an average speed of 20 miles per hour.

. Bolt M-1 e-bike

The Bolt e-bike looks like a motorcycle but it is actually a bicycle. It is fitted out with pedals and it can produce 5500 watts for speeds range of up to 40 mph (64 Km/h). Bolt is equipped with a computerized control system that is protected by a passcode. It connects with your smartphone using Bluetooth connections. In addition, the bike is equipped with a 1.7 kWh lithium ion phosphate battery pack that is easily accessible to allow for battery charging. The battery can reach a charging level of 90% in just 1.5 hours. It can be fully charged using a home charger for a 5-hour maintenance to increase longevity. With this bike you do not require a license, registration or insurance. This e-bike is faster than other bikes and it can go where motorcycles cannot reach. It has a carrying capacity of two and it has a total weight of 140 lbs. You can lock the bike using your smartphone via Bluetooth connections.

Raht Racer

This is an e-bike that can move at a cars speed. The bike is equipped with pedals to help the user keep fit and it is comfortable to ride in. The Raht Racer is a three-wheeled electric bike that combines both the aspects of a car and a bicycle. Additionally, the bike is spacious such that it can accommodate your laptop, a bag or even your lunchbox, it is environmental friendly and safe to ride on. The driver can choose if he wants to pedal or not as both choices are available for the motorcycle. Also worth noting, is that this three-wheeled bike is made from lightweight materials such as carbon fiber. It can drive at a cars speed and it is equipped with all safety requirements such as airbags, seatbelts, a full suspension, headlights, tail lights and twist-pedals that help in powering the battery. The Raht Racer has an additional passenger’s seat. With the drivers pedaling power, the bike can develop a speed of up to 100 km/h. When pedaling, it can charge a 9.2 kWh Li-ion battery that helps in extending its range. But also, the battery can be fully charged on an electric power outlet. The bike is also equipped with an onboard computer that is powered by the energy generated by the drivers pedaling.

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