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Top 5 Ingenious Inventions That Make Life Liveable Part 2

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Bionic Bird

This is the world’s first mechanical bird. It comes with a prototype egg that is used to charge the bird and it takes approximately 12 minutes to fully charge the bird. This Bionic bird weighs about 8.5 grams with an electric motor of 0.8 watt rotation. Additionally, the bird flies at a speed of 55,000 FPM. It is equipped with an aluminum heat sink and lithium polymer battery. Also, the body of the bird was inspired by nature and can fly as high as 100 yard.

Araig Suit

This gaming suit technology enables you to feel the impact and the whole gaming experience. It enables you feel completely immersed in the game, like you are actually taking part in the game. The suit offers you sensory stimulation and takes the gamer into the game. The user can experience the sound and all the touch sensations. The suit consist of three parts, the decoder, the slim skin and the exoskeleton. The decoder is attached to the gaming console and it is used to exchange the information between the decoder and the exoskeleton. The exoskeleton is fitted with the nervous system that communicates with the control center and provides the information to the decoder. It is wireless. Also the suit is fitted out with a patented sound system. It has six speakers, two at the front side, and two on either sides and two at the back.


This device helps to keep your home safe and secure. Kuna helps prevent your home from getting broken into. This is a smart Wi-Fi camera that is built with an elegant outdoor light. It capable of detecting people around your house. It will alert you using your smartphone so that you will be able to see and talk to them. This helps avoid possible break in. It comes in three different styles and you can install it anywhere you want. Also, with Kuna, the lighting system will get smarter as you can schedule it to light up automatically when it gets dark.


With this device you do not have to reach out for your phone for everything you do. It offers you a smart and simpler way of interacting with your phone. It is a wireless button that you can connect your Android or iOS enabled phone. Whenever you need to use your phone you just click Flic. Additionally, you can share the device with people around you. You can attach flic anywhere, such as in your car or bike. Another amazing feature of Flic, is that it can be used for safety reasons. With just a press of a button, you can send your live updates of your current location.

The Air Dock

This device was created to hold your phone when charging in the car. You will no longer deal with charging cables tangled in your car or struggle to find where to place your phone when charging. This is a wireless charging device that uses rare earth magnets and applies nanotechnology. It helps hold your phone firmly in one place when charging it in the car. You will no longer use clamps, lips or up holder for holding your phone.

The Habitat

This is a device that enables you to transform your home into a smart home. It helps your home learn from your habits and adapt to your family’s behavior. It enables you have a real time view of your home. The device is quick and easy to install on your wall.

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