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Systimber -https://www.Systimber.Com/

This is an innovative construction system that provides solid timber which is easy to use, efficient, and time saver. Systimber comes in beams of wood that are co-joined together vertically using specified spacers that help in maintaining the required distance between the two beams. The spacers also provide balance thus allowing movement of the wood. Spaces in between are made airtight by the help of a flexible EPDM that adjusts to the movement of the wood thus providing stability under any circumstance. The system is patented worldwide and comes in different colors which you can choose from.

Isotex academy-https://en.Blocchiisotex.Com/isotex-academy/

Over the years eco-sustainable houses have been brought up using Isotex in vast areas of Europe. The system is considered as number one in the wood cement sector across the world. Isotext is offering its customers a chance to know more about their products through an online seminar in their academy that would be first of its kind. There will be video courses offered to explain in detail the various ways of laying Isotex wood slabs and blocks. The short videos will also educate users on the advantages of using Isotex to meet their construction needs.


Stavblock has been preferred during construction and can be used in several ways such as Facade cladding. The blocks are made from natural materials which make them thin and light thus the best option to consider whenever you are reconstructing or renovating older buildings. The facade is waterproof, heat-insulating, and does not require maintenance after installation. Use stavo block today to give your home walls, fences, pavements, and staircase unique and elegant look.


This is a system of formwork comprising of concrete made through extreme thermal insulation thus making it a permanent substitute for exterior and interior construction purposes. The forms interlock with each other hence forming a unit that is filled with concrete and later on used as walls of a structure or floors of a building. Just as other concrete the formwork has to be reinforced with steel to give it the stability it requires.ICF structure is easy to build and thus saves costs, time, and come in portable packs.

H + H aerated concrete Multiplade-

Aerated concrete is made from cement which is mixed with various materials and maintained in such a manner that reduces its density without interfering with its strong nature. The blocks from the process of aeration are conjoined using a mortar and the final product can be used for floors, walls, and roofs. These blocks are lightweight and therefore easy to carry. They also are heat resistant and provide good insulation of sound and heat.

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