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Everpanel Modular Wall Panel System - Https://

This is a unique wall panel system that is used for dividing space, creating rooms, and demountable walls in the offices and residential spaces. It can also be used to build gallery walls, trade show booths, art display walls, or dividers in an event. The system uses lightweight durable panels that are connected with other adjacent panels using a connector system and a lug. You can connect panels of different sizes and shapes to build semipermanent or a permanent wall that meets your requirements. These panels can also be customized to create patterns by adding standard adhesive wallpapers, painting, or cloured accent giving your space an interesting look.


AquaShield® System provides guaranteed protection from flooding water in your basement. This drainage system fixes leaking issues from your foundation without the use of crushed rocks, trenches, pipes, and wraps. It is made using PVC material and fits well in every contour found on the worksite. Aqua shield uses two rubber seals that extrude below the system to suck excess dumping wall water on the floors of your basement. Three rigid gussets filter debris and stop it from reaching the drive mechanism. This system is easy to install and is cost-efficient.

Leister Minifloor - Safe and Secure Handling.-

Leister mini floor is designed to increase the quality of your welds and speed up your work to enable you to complete projects in time. It can be used to weld up to lengths of 4ft and is lightweight (weighing only 5.5kg with triac and nozzle included) hence can be transported with ease. The triac acts as a backup for manual welding while the mini floor can be used for automatic welding. There is also an interchangeable inserter and a quick locking system to make attaching or detaching of the triac easy and fast. You can set up your startup speed using the adjustable startup delay function on the mini floor according to your preference.


There are only two proven ways to fix cracked or settling concrete: by replacing the slab with new concrete or raising the slab through pumping a mixture of mortar underneath the Settling slab. Luckily poly level makes this process easy.

Polylevel incorporates the already known techniques of lifting concrete through the professionally engineered two-part foam, which makes the restoring of concrete surface fast and non-disruptive. This system is affordable and offers a permanent solution and has some benefits:

• An adjustable-chemical reaction that creates the expanding foam can be adjusted to control the concrete to be lifted.

• Environmental friendly-This material does not release chemicals to the soil.

• Fast-acting-Within 15 minutes the expanding foam reaches its strength and is ready for use.


This product has been designed to provide the best insulation parameter solutions and has been satisfied and approved in the laboratories. All installations are done by permitted companies that give you the insight and right solution for your home. Unlike other traditional insulation methods, Quadfoam500 doesn't need an additional fire barrier on the arctic. This product guarantees you lifetime insulation of your building and has a lifetime warranty.

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