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Gabloks Construction Blocks

Wouldn’t it be amazing if a mansion could be completed from scratch to the roof top within six days? The Gablok construction blocks makes this possible, and in the least labour-intensive ways.

These construction blocks are pre-made in the factory using composite wood. They are durable, eco-friendly, and as firm as mortar blocks. Each block features a hollowed bottom with which it is attached on the block below; and an elevated top that allows the hollow of the succeeding block to be secured firmly.

The blocks are transported to the construction site in large transportation systems and them assembled by experienced gablok installers.

As soon as foundations are properly laid and framed, the blocks are installed one upon the other until the desired building frame is obtained. Roofing framework is then screwed onto the topmost gablok before the roofing sheet is finally installed.

Installing Composite Deck Tiles

Composite deck tiles are about the most budget and user-friendly deck tiles available. They are made from natural composite – resins, recycled wood and glue materials. Hence, they are super eco-friendly, and will not constitute nuisance in the environment even after use. These tiles are also perfect for outdoor deck uses because they repel insect attacks, and are moisture-resistant preventing the activities of molds. These decks are also perfect for every weather, and will not degrade with use.

Before installation, purchase the tiles according to the measurement of the floor area to be covered, and then prepare the deck area by cleaning it thoroughly. Next interlock the tiles side by side, starting from the outer edge of your deck. Ensure that the looped sides of the tiles are not positioned on the floor edges. Finish up the remaining floor area and enjoy the unique wood-like patterns of your new patio flooring.

Installing the SpeedSlope Rapid Setting Sloping Mortar

To give your floorings and floating showers the ideal slope they need, the SpeedSlope Rapid Setting Sloping Mortar is your best mortar option. It is easy to install, and gives your floors a firm and perfectly sloping finishing.

To begin the installation of this mortar, it is safe to go through the company's data and safety sheet. You can find them on their website. Next, you’ll need mixing equipment like a Hole Hawg, an egg beater and a mixing bucket. You’ll also need personal protective equipment like goggles, rubber gloves, and a dust mask.

The total working time for this mortar is 30 minutes, so ensure to keep the installation surface clean and dry for proper bonding. By following the manufacturer's instructions, you can mix both the dry and wet mixtures of the mortar, pour the mixture generously over the working surface, and then smoothen it out and allow to set.

Schlagmann Poroton Perlite-filled Bricks Installation with the V.Plus System

The Schlagmann Poroton Perlite-filled bricks are weather resistant bricks that are made from the finest and strongest of brick materials. Installing these blocks require a step by step approach. To begin, ensure that the blocks and every equipment are available. You’ll need your poroton Perlite-filled bricks, B. R500 bitumen sheet, mixing equipment, measuring tape and screed, twine or rope for alignment, the V.Plus roller and glass fibre tissue.

Begin by installing the base bricks on bitumen sheet installed with mortar. Use the twine to keep the bricks on a straight line. Mix the thin-bed mortar by beating a 15kg bag of mortar with 11 litres of mixing water. Fix the fibre glass tissue into the roller, pre-spray the roller, clamp it to the edge of the bricks, and then fill it with the thin-bed mortar. After laying the mortar and completing the construction, the roller can be uncoupled and washed out with water and a brush.

The Isotex Construction System

The Isotex construction system makes for a fast, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly way for constructing buildings. So far, over 400,000 buildings have been constructed around the world using this system, and those building are definitely worth their weights in gold.

For this Isotex system, formwork blocks in concrete wood are used to lay the walls of the building. By positioning the base blocks with mortar, the blocks are then aligned side by side until an entire row of blocks have been installed. A steel rod is then passed through the hollow between the mortar and wood in each block and the rod is held in place by pouring mortar into the space.

The Isotex construction blocks are not only strong and firm for construction, they are also easy to cut through. They can also be installed in mass for faster results.

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