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Top 5 Modern Woodworking Tools and Cnc Machines 2021

Holzher Gantry Console – The Epicon 7235

Medium to large stair, panel, door and window manufacturers can use this console to get precise and repeatable results. You can use this state-of-the-art console for a variety of tasks. The console sits on a rigid steel, plasma-cut base to enable the gantry-style machine to do heavy-duty milling on large workpieces. It can handle workpieces up to 300mm high and 1,660mm wide. The machine comes with a high-powered 13kw head and a precision drill head with an infinitely variable speed of up to 6,250rpm. The machine is configured for use on Windows 10. And is compatible with all major software providers.

SCM Oikos 6-Axis Controlled CNC Rod Machining Center

This machining center is ideal for the timber construction industry. It offers the perfect combination of accuracy and productivity. It is a compact machining center with 6 axes. You get great flexibility, precision and productivity as machining is performed on all sides with every tool and you don’t have to reposition the workpieces. This is made possible by the head with 6 axes. It offers you very fast machining speeds. All the necessary tools are stored in the magazines on the machine. They are always ready to be used. The 3D simulation station enables you to limit the risk of any collisions.

Milling Possibilities With Vasser/Poltava 4 Axis CNC Machine

Impressive articles can be milled with CNC (computer numerical control) machines. With the CNC process in manufacturing a tool is directed by a programmed computer’s software. Instructions for the motions to be executed are fed into the CNC machine via a CAD file. The CNC machine uses these programmed commands and then operates automatically without a physical operator. As a manufacturer, you get several benefits by using CNC machining. You save on time and money and the products are made very accurate. With the Vasser/Poltava 4 axis CNC machine small statues can be milled. Their angel figure is a good example.

Oak Bracket Created With Vasser/Poltava CNC Machine

You can create beautiful solid oak brackets for the portal to the kitchen on Vasser/Poltava CNC (computer numerical control) machines. The company has developed the software and designed the brackets for the CNC machine to mill. They are 250mm in height, 150mm in width, with a 120mm relief depth. This is an example of what can be done with the CNC process in manufacturing. The instructions for the motions to be executed to create the brackets are fed into the CNC machine via a CAD file. The CNC machine uses these programmed commands and then operates automatically without a physical operator.

Grift 4 Axis CNC Wood Lathe

You can use this machine for a variety of jobs. It is equipped with a scanning unit with a diameter of 80mm and a length of 180mm. The unit can be used on flat surfaces. To allow you to make holes, channels, inscriptions and a variety of figures the machine is equipped with an automatic head and a diamond knife unit. Special purpose cutters and milling cutters can be connected to the head. It is also designed in such a way that cutters can be changed without touching them by hand. This ensures fast and precise work and delivers a smooth surface.

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