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Ratcheting ReadyWrench-

Moving up and down to get anything from the toolbox is hectic and demoralizing. Save yourself from these unnecessary trips with this ready ratchet that has 16renches in one. The ratchet wrench is made of standard measured wrenches that can fit any socket size. This tool can be used on DIY repairs in your home, workplace, or while on the move. Its sockets are colored differently to help you differentiate one from another and so very easy to use. You also get a lifetime durability guarantee when you purchase this item.

AUGO Extra Strong Ratchet Straps -

Ever been on the move but you are worried sick of the boat, the comfy seat, or whatever you have on top of your car? Well, we have a solution for you.

Augo's heavy-duty ratchet strap is designed to hold any sizable good with great firmness. These straps can stretch on a remarkable weight of up to 1,700 pounds without breaking. The loops of the strap are soft hence they cannot destroy any delicate material on transit. Buy these straps today to safeguard your goods and forget about damages.


Notching of pipe has never been made easy than this. Use this tube & pipe notcher to get accurate results during any piping activity. The pipe notcher has a drill press that makes alignment of different pipes easy according to their lengths. You can make a notch on a pipe measuring 1"– 2-1/2" or even on a square-shaped tube using this pipe notcher. This is made easy by two v-shaped blocks that hold the pipe in a center position. The cutter is adjustable, can cut an angle of 90º and can be used on various workpieces.

Big Mouth Pliers-

PAJ100 strong hand, big mouth pliers has a unique type of handle that makes it easy to open, tighten, or adjust anything. The pliers have a long [2-1/2″ / 64 mm] serrated jaw that gives it good gripping power and extra holding space. Your safety is guaranteed when using these pliers as the handles have non slip marks on them. There is also a secure adjustable bar that makes locking and releasing easy. You can also hold smaller parts using the v-notch that is on the top of the pliers' jaw.

QEP LASH Tile Leveling System-

This tile leveling system can be used by any professional tile layer or DIY to make their work fast, easy, and look great. The system comes with 300 disposable clips that join tiles together enabling you to avoid any movement of tiles when using a mortar during and after installation on the floor or walls. There are 100 wedges provided to use when making a minimum of 1/8" grout joint. LASH leveling tile system is cost-friendly since the wedges are reusable and a tile pliers is also included in the package

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