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Apollo 3_8 in. to 1 in. 1-Hand PEX Pinch Clamp Tool-

The Apollo Stainless Steel PEX 1-Hand Pinch Clamp, a versatile tool, has been mainly designed to make steel pinch clamp connections on PEX piping systems of various sizes such as 3/8”. 1/2”, ¾“. and 1”.This tool is made of tough steel and has a led indicator to help you confirm when a complete connection is made between pipes thus making it durable and reliable. The handles are contoured for a comfortable grip and can be handled with bare hands or when wearing gloves. Apollopex system comprises of brass fittings, manifolds, poly alloy fittings, tubing and fasteners designed for both complex and simple water piping work.

Intex Automatic Taper

This tool is designed to dispense and apply the right amount of joint tape automatically and simultaneously on any wall, corner joints, and ceiling with ease. It is made of billet aluminum and steel making it lightweight and durable. You don't need stools or ladders when using this tool as it has a long reach capability. Intex Automatic tape has a larger compound unit to reduce refilling trips you would make to the pump. Easy handling is ensured by the knurled steel which gives you a good grip and the enlarged roller wheel that eliminates tape dragging. Cleaning this tool is also easy as it has a quick-release head cap that gives you access to the inner compartments. A 5year warranty is guaranteed when you purchase this item.

Intex BigMudda Finishing Box-

Big mudda finishing box is made of aluminum and hardened steel to make it tough and durable. It is used in applying the right amount of compound to flat joints with ease. A pivoting axel and an O-ring roller wheel are mounted on the outside to give a smooth ride and superior finish on even and uneven surfaces. It has a larger holding capacity 40% more than other standard boxes meaning your work will be fast as you will make lesser trips to the pump to refill compound.

LORESO Tube Bender-

Loreso is a manual 3-in-1 tube and pipe bender that is portable and can be used to fix a frame or a bench by professionals working in construction, plumbing, manufacturing, heating, electrical fields, and many more. This pipe bender gives you a 0-180 degree angle adjustment when working on pipes of 6, 8, and 10mm. You can work on different types of pipe materials such as steel, brass, copper, and aluminum using this tool. Purchase Loreso today and be more efficient than ever.

ANVIL 14 in. Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Cutter-

This tile cutter is made of solid chrome-plated rails that are easy to set up for smooth operation. It can be used to cut porcelain and ceramic tiles of sizes 1/4 in. to 3/8 in. thick. It also has a soft grip that is angled to reduce hand fatigue when in use. This tool is perfect for DIY and professional tile installation.

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