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Bosch BLAZE 400 ft. Outdoor Laser Measure with Bluetooth and Camera Viewfinder-

The Bosch BLAZE Outdoor GLM400CL is connected to a laser measure that has a camera with adjustable zoom and 5.0pixel, which is used to capture laser spot in brighter conditions of lengths up to 400ft. Bluetooth feature, helps you transfer the measured unit to your Smartphone or tablet with ease. The laser measure has an inbuilt inclinometer that identifies the right angle of pitch and confirms if the tool is leveled thus giving you real-time lengths, area, and volume. An easy to read backlit display helps users to confirm their current and previous measurements stored in the tool.

Freeman PFL618BR Pneumatic 3-in-1 15.5-Gauge and 16-Gauge 2- Flooring Nailer and Stapler-

This tool can be used by contractors and DIY to install solid and groove hardwood flooring in the construction site. Freeman PFL618BR is air powered and is compatible with fasteners measuring 1/2” crown 15.5 gauge staples, 16 gauge T-cleats and 1-1/2" to 2” L-cleats. It has a lightweight body made of cast aluminum, with a single piece hardened steel drive blade that makes it strong and durable. Two Interchangeable base plates give it stability during use and prevent any damage thus giving professional results on finished floor surfaces. Other notable features include handles that is ergonomically designed to reduce body fatigue while in use and an air filtered cap to protect the inner machine parts from dust.

DEWALT® 20V MAX- Cordless Cable Stripper-

The DEWALT cable stripper is designed to strip electrical cables of up to 4" without exposing its knife. An e-clutch system gives this tool a variable speed trigger that can be reversed thus giving you perfect control when in use. Quick-release bushing enables you to quickly replace the right bushing for any cable size. You can also use this tool in the dark or low lit areas thanks to the adjustable onboard LED light that provides illumination.

Ladder-Aide and Ladder-Aide Pro-

The Ladder-Aide is a compact, portable, and safest extension unit which can be used easily on various stairs and ladders. It has an anti-skid surface and micro-adjustable height of up to 1/8" to give it stability and level base when in use. This ladder aide is cost-effective, quick, and easy to set up, and is small enough to fit in your toolkit. It is made from rugged aluminum and steel that assures you a durable lifetime usage.

RIDGID C-Style Close Quarters Copper Tubing Cutters-

You can cut 1⁄2" and 3⁄4" tubes using this rigid c-style tubing cutter. It has a snap-on feature and spring-loaded wheel cutter for quick connection of pipes and to apply the right pressure when cutting pipes. This Rigid c- cutter is approved by all industries as the best tube cutter.

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