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Klein Tools BAT20-7T14 Cutting and Crimping Tool-

Klein cable cutter and crimping tools are made to make any professional or DIY work easy by cutting downtime and input needed on a given task. This tool uses DeWALT lithium-ion battery as its power source and has six heads that alternate to meet the specific need of a job. It applies force 7-tons during cutting and crimping hence making it suitable for use on a larger scale. The package includes 3 cutting heads, two 2amph batteries,3 crimping heads, a charger, and a bag.

IWISS Solar Crimping Tool Kit with Wire Cable Cutter-

IWISS Solar crimping tool comes in a complete set which makes the installation of solar MC4 connectors easy, fast, and accurate. This stripper is equipped with perfect polished cutting jaws designed for stripping cables having a measurement of 2.5mm ², 4mm ², and 6mm ² hence giving you a clean-cut and strip. The kit also comes with a compact storage bag for quick and easy transportation from one place to another.

Nerrad Tools - Raptor Plastic _ Multilayer Tube Cutters-

Raptor plastic/multilayer pipe cutters can be used to make everyday plumbing work easy and ultimately give you the best result in your work. It is made from lightweight alloy plastic that is strong and is combined with PTFE blades that cut through a pipe effortless and in a smooth way.


The laser thermometer gun is used to measure temperatures that range from negative 4 to 608 degrees F. This thermometer has a sighting laser that can be turned on or off and backlit LCD to make the reading of temperatures easy. It uses a 9-volt battery and reads temperatures on a distance to spot in the ratio 8:1. An auto power feature switches the thermometer off after six seconds of inactivity.IRT207 weighs 170g without the battery inserted meaning it is light and very portable.

Sunex Roadster-

Sunex weighs 39 pounds and is made from lightweight aluminum hence it’s easy to carry from one place to another. It has a compact, folding design that allows it to be stored easily in relatively small spaces. This roadster uses next-level technology along with two-piston pumps which enable it to go to its maximum height in just 5pumps.

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