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Swanson Framing Wizard Square -

This tool is a real wizard and a must-have for every toolbox. It is very versatile and combines five tools into one. It is a saw guide, a miter square, an angle finder, a try square and a framing square. The tool is constructed of high-grade aluminum. Precision laser-etched markings ensure that you are always working accurately. An adjustable layout tab enables you to easily measure angles. It is very compact and easy to take with you. It folds down to fit into a standard toolbox.

Vion Simplest Bluetooth Multimeter -

This Bluetooth multimeter is simple to work with. Any user can adapt the tool into their current needs, whether you are a novice with remote control cars, or prototype builders and utility workers. The meter measures up to 600 Volts DC and 500 Volts AC, and up to 2,000,000 Ohms resistance. Indicators on the end of the probe show blue for alternating and red for direct current. The batteries in the probes take a half an hour to charge and last for around seven hours.

Klein Tools Phillips Screwdriver 3'' Round Shank-

This screwdriver with its 3-inch round shank and cushion grip handle gives you great torque possibilities. It provides an accurate fit and no slippage as it is equipped with a precision-machined tip. The tool is corrosion resistant due to its chrome-plated shank and tip. It is comfortable to use as it is 6 ¾-inch in overall length, with a shank length of 3 inches. The screwdriver has flanges inside the handle to provide a twist-resistant blade anchor.

Vampire Eshears All in One Electrician's Scissors-

This is an all-in-one electrician’s pair of scissors. The versatile tool is available at less than $30. It is made from stainless steel for durability. With it, you can cut cable ties and a variety of electrical material. This is made possible by its micro-serrated blade. You can use the tool to slice copper sheet up to 0.5 mm thick. It comfortably cuts soft cable up to 50 mm in diameter.

Kreg In-Line Clamp -,

This tool which you can buy for less than $20 is durable and lightweight. The versatile clamp shoe is designed to hold multiple shapes. It is easy to use and the contoured dial can easily be adjusted. Its long pushrod provides 4 ¾-inch range for adjustment. By applying pressure not from overhead, but the side, the clamp stays out of the way as you work. Its peg fits a standard ¾-inch bench dog hole.

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