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WORX WX543L 20V Jigsaw-

The WORX WX543L runs on a 20v max lithium battery that can be shared with other 20v tools hence saving you money. The jigsaw has a speed trigger and an orbital mode to keep you running even on long recurring tasks making your work more efficient. This tool is not only lightweight but also has a blade changing feature to give you longer working hours without getting fatigued. The presence of a LED indicator improves vision ability for exact cuts.

Festool 584014 CT 36 AutoClean Dust Extractor-

Festool dust cleaner has been designed to be the best of its version. It comes with an auto-clean and auto start functionality which runs in sync with the vacuum tool when plugged in power. This unit comes with a variable suction force to adjust suction according to your usage and an automated filter to prevent debris from clogging the dust sucker. The body has a flat top that doubles as resting and docking station for the hose thus making it easy to move around within your house or workstation without tripping over. This tool gives you better functionality in dust extraction, efficient energy consumption, and reduced noise during operation.

PROXXON 2-speed scroll saw DS 460-

Proxxon speed saw has a cast steel body well made with powder coating to give a stable run without vibrations when in use. Its arms are rarely mounted and are made from magnesium for a firm grip and give you a clear view of the piece you are working on. The saw has fasteners with high clamping force to give better alignment of saw blades in the saw arm. Other features include an adjustable nozzle, extended suction connection for the vacuum cleaner, and a large saw table for easy blade replacement.

Stanley® Stud Sensor 150-

The STANLEY® Stud Sensor can detect live wires up to 2” deep with ease. The LED marking feature and an audible beep run in sequence for an accurate result when used in marking and sensing of wood and stud or surfaces underneath. Its ergonomic design gives a firm grip and easy handling of the tool.

WEN 15-Inch Variable Speed Floor Standing Drill Press-

The WEN Standing Drill Press has a full stroking capacity that gives users the power to drill through materials and surfaces of up to 4inch thick. A liver and a digital readout aids in the adjusting of speed within a range of 280 to 1000 RPM and give accurate speed report during drilling. The machine is housed in a cast iron body which ensures that the system is stable and with reduced vibration. A 12by 12-inch iron table can be adjusted to an angle of 45 degrees to give the laser pointer précised hole marking capabilities. The WEN 15-Inch Drill Press also has a lamp to provide sufficient light on the worktable when in use in low lit situations.

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