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BESSEY Kanttving Kantenfix KF-

This clumping tool has been designed for one-handed operations and can open up to a width of 80mm.It is lightweight for easy transportation and has a rubber-coated arm to give you a better grip when in use.

FEIN BOS 16-2 -

Fien Bos drill has been designed for high precision metal drilling works. It is powered by a two-speed motor that is adjustable to any variable speed depending on the user for optimum use. The drill has metal clamping jaws for easy and fast self-tightening of the drill chuck. Handles are well-positioned for maximum power transfer thus making work less tiresome.

PROXXON Cordless tube belt sander -

This tool can be used by any professional to grind of small openings, finish up mold surfaces, grooving, and chamfering of specific parts. Proxxon cordless belt sander comes with a high-quality lithium battery-10.8v with 2.6Ah for better and powerful performance. The body is made of polyamide glass fiber for durability while the handle is soft to give you a good grip when in use. This belt sander has a variable speed controlled motor for quiet and vibration-free operations. The suction unit is connected to a vacuum cleaner adopter to aid in cleaning on your working.

Speed Feed® Trimmer Line-

Refilling your trimmer can be tedious, but not anymore. With speed feed trimmer line, you get a fast reloading capability of under 30sec and easy loading of the trimmer by just a tap on its head. The body has been designed with a soft bottom to allow it to easily slide on the ground for an even cut when in use. It has a 400 power speed that supports any cutting operation whether medium or heavy-duty.

wolfcraft adjustable hole saw AH 45-130 -

The wolfcraft saw hole can be adjusted easily using three steps: loosen, adjust then fasten. It has special integrated tooth and scales for clean and quality cuts and can also fit all standard measuring dimensions. The machine has a reliable dust extraction mechanism hence giving you a permanent functioning capability without any worries of breakdown.

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