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18V LXT® Lithium-Ion Brushless Planer -

The Makita 18V LXT is designed with dual double-edged blades for a reliable and smooth finish. The machine has a motor with a speed of up to 14000rpm and a planning table measuring 3-1/4-inch for quick and efficient work rate. With the weight of only 7.4pounds, Makita brushless planer is easy to transport and has an aluminum body to make it strong and durable. It has integrated STAR protection which is computer controlled to prevent the overheating of the motor and overloading of the battery. The handle is cushioned with rubber to give you a firm grip when using the tool. You get a guaranteed longer battery life thanks to the LXT design which also makes it possible to recharge the battery in 30minutes only.


SkatePlate is made to upgrade your slide winder saw into a perfect cutting tool. It has double long-lasting polyurethane rollers with delrin bearings to aid in placing your saw on the rolling track, for reduced friction during cutting. The versatile locking mechanism enables the machine to fit well with various cordless and a corded circular saw of 7 ¼” for easy angle cuts. You get better performance, great control, and high accuracy when you have the skateplate installed.

Dremel Trio -

Dremel Trio is user friendly and also the perfect tool for your cutting, routing, and sanding needs. It has a plunge cutability and a unique 360-degree cutting technology for controlled and fast cutting on various materials. The handle is ergonomically designed for firm grip and well-positioned to reduce fatigue

Minispot G2A - Lamello.-

Rockler Precision Miter Gauge-

You can avoid unwanted gaps at the corner edge of boxes and frames during building by using Rocler precision miter gauge. It has an adjustable miter bar with a nylon set of screws to fit your slot to a T for smooth sliding at the edges. You get an accurate, solid, and easy to use miter gauge when you purchase this package.

Veritas Cabinet Hinge Template-

Veritas cabinet hinge template simplifies and makes it easy for you to get a precise fit of cabinet hinges during installation. It is designed to function with a guided router, which allows you to quickly get rid of excess material from the hinge gain thus a clean and accurate sized mortise that does not need trimming. The template has an acrylic plate measuring 4 ½” by 7½” and a pine fence of length 9¾” which lock against the working piece to give you better positioning. The hinges can be adjusted to any required dimension for accurate results.

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