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Housolution Garden Grafting Tools-

Housolution strives to be the best in providing innovative home tools. These tools can be used for gardening, woodworking, repair, and maintenance hence making life easy and enjoyable in your homes.

Bosch Palm Router - GKF 600 Professional-

Bosch palm router has a compact design and a firm grip area for one-hand operations, especially when working on edges. It has a setting wheel for adjusting and tightening the motor to give you precise and continuous routing depths. The package includes a comprehensive set o tools for various works on the edges.

Bosch Power Tools - CM10GD 10- Dual-Bevel Glide Miter Saw-

The Bosch CM10GD 10-inch Dual-Bevel Glide miter saw is a powerful and versatile tool. It has a compact design with an axial glide system for smooth cutting and working in limited workspaces. The saw can deliver an impressive 4800 rpm on load with a cut capacity of up to 12" horizontally and 5½" vertically against the base.

Digital Angle Gauge & Level-

The Klein tool can be used as a digital level to measure, set, or check relative angles. It has a strong magnetic base to attach itself to other ferromagnetic surfaces like a conduit. A dual measurement range of 0 to 90-degree and 0 to 180-degree gives you better contrast display on both reverse and normal sides. The display also auto rotates when you turn the tool in any angle to reduce straining when taking a reading.

Tanga DX200 - Lamello.

This is a powerful multipurpose cutter equipped with a 1700W motor for effective removal of damaged and old window frames. It can cut window frames with a depth of up to 70mm thick smoothly thanks to the powerful motor and cutting speeds. This tool makes it easy to remove windows without damaging the surrounding windowsill or brickwork.

Trend Dovetail Jig. CDJ300-

Trend's CDJ300 Dovetail Jig is equipped with a template that can do up to 12½" of blind rebated dovetails in one operation with ease and accuracy. It has an in-built offset stop and abrasive pads on the clamps for better alignment and firm holding of wood. The package includes a dovetail router bit, guide bush, box joints, and dowels

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