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Top 6 Cool and Popular Kids Toys

Smart Plane

To play with this smart plane, the user needs to control it a smartphone. The smart plane connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth connections for a long range and long flight time. The toy analyzes commands and make adjustment and corrections to make flying easier. It comes with pre-programmed aerial tricks such as hovering, helicopter mode and looping. It is made from durable DURINUM materials and it is reinforced with carbon that enables it withstand crashes.


This is an insect robot toy that any user is capable of building to enable the player learn about coding and robotics. The anti- like robot is equipped with neuronal system that enables it to think and react to its surroundings. Antibo can be used with a special App that helps in controlling using voice control on your smart device via Bluetooth or USB connections. In addition, it has infrared lights and sensor for obstacle avoidance, digital touch sensor, 3-axis accelerometer and ambient light sensor. The robot runs on a 4xAAA batteries.


This is a First Person Shooter robot toy equipped with visual recognition system and it uses artificial intelligence technology. This robot has four different play modes, whereby the player is given different weapons and abilities for a different mode. It is not just for fighting, but the four different modes are for: attack and defense, scavenger hunt race, speed race and royal duel. The more playing modes there is, means more fun. The robot has high speed, accelerating 2 meters in just a second and it can rotate 360°. You can control the device using your smart phone via Wi-Fi connections. Additionally, Geio has a built in camera that enables the player to accurately shoot at the enemy.

Air Hogs Thunder Trax

This toy vehicle is capable of moving on any terrain, on water and on land. This toy is equipped with a 2.4 GHz communication with a long-range control, which enables the player to precisely control it even from a distance. It has wide treads that allows it to easily grip and move on sand, mud, grass and snow, to give you endless adventure and fun. On water, the toy transforms into a boat. The toy can be charged using a USB cable and it runs on 3AA batteries.


This robotic toy is capable of lifting, grabbing and carrying anything you program it to. It has five various points of articulation that can rotate up to 360°. The robot has six wheels and it is capable of moving on any terrain. In addition, you can use Mebo anywhere by controlling it with your smart device via Wi-Fi connections. The robot runs on a rechargeable long-lasting 2 C Lipo battery. It is equipped with a two-way audio and a microphone that allows the user to play music or talk through the robot. The Mebo robot is recommended for children above 8 years of age.

VR Real Feel Race

This device enables the player to play and control the races, experience the crashes and feel the bumps and jumps. Using this VR headset, you will experience a stunning 3D high definition graphics using your smartphone. With these VR, you do not have to turn or tilt your head, the steering wheel is Bluetooth enabled so that the player can instantly brake and accelerate. These headsets are comfortable to wear, it has adjustable phone cradle and straps to perfectly fit on your face. In addition, you can choose from various cars with varying features.

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