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Mini Millhog

This ruggedly built beveling machine offers a spur gear drive train. It bevels all tube and pipe alloys to 6.625” O.D. It is ideal for tube stub removal, tube overlay, and cladding removal. It's designed to provide the strength to rigidly secure the tool on the inside of the tube or pipe. The cutter blade securely holds the cutters in the tool post. This produces a clean, continuous chip on most pipe and tube alloys

C-Hog Millhog

This beveling machine securely attaches to the tube O.D. with a huge clamp. It minimizes vibration. The tool is well suited for small-bore tubes. It also allows for large, tough I.D. boring blades. These blades increase cutter blade endurance. It is designed for maximum operator comfort. The operator can comfortably and with minimal fatique feeds the tool as it bevels the tube. It is a rugged tool that is light-weight and compact.

Morgan Rushworth HSP CNC Punch

This punch range is fully automatic punching machines. Three tool holders form the punch station for varying hole sizes. It offers hydraulic grippers that clamp the material and move the workpiece by CNC command to punching positions. You can easily draw workpieces on the CNC control and saved them for future use. The HSP CNC range is a range of high production machines.

Hydraulic Metal Hole Punching Machine

This hydraulic metal hole punching machine is a customized multi-cylinders punch machine. It is driven by hydraulic power and the manual feeding of steel pipe by workers. It is used for a variety of punch jobs. You can punch steel tube, stainless steel tube, iron pipe, and aluminum alloy. It allows you to pierce various shapes of holes including square holes, D-shape, rectangular, oval, and waist circular holes, etc.

Laser Tire Marking System

The system runs fully automated and no staff required for the teach-in of new tire models. Then normal operation does not require an engineer’s skill. Only limited training is needed. The tool only requires a footprint of 2 x 2 m for the core system. If the machine is properly maintained the machines have a typical uptime of more than 95%. The machine does not need consumables except aspiration filters and cleaning detergents.

Flex Wire Cart

This uniquely designed flex wire cart can carry 10 to 20 spools of wire, or up to 8 coils of wire. The design allows for the customized placement of wire bars. This maximizes jobsite flexibility and capacity. It has adjustable wire bars for your customizable spool setup. It is designed with a stable and secure footprint. Compact design fits through doorways.

Rod Cutters

This threaded rod cutting range is designed to save time and effort. It offers a portable, compact, user-friendly and powerful tool. These rods can cut M8, M10 & M12 mild steel & stainless steel hooker rod. With precision. You can cut a threaded rod without damaging the thread after completing the cut. It is manually operated and is designed to be used in factory and on-site environments. You can switch and change cutting dies in seconds.

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