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Master Twister

With this metal twisting machine you can add twists to your ornamental ironwork. It offers a clever clamp and sliding carriage which guarantees consistent and even spaced twists. You can use it with flat and square bars. The tool is ideal for making fencing, gates and balustrades. The machine is also supplied with components to grip the ends of clusters of welded bars that can then can be twisted.

Plasma Cutter

Plasma cutters are always ideal for cutting intricate, fine-featured shapes out of thin sheet galvanised metal. They are specifically engineered to provide square edges and tight tolerances with a narrower kerf on thin metals. Plasma cutters can work both hand-held and machine-mounted. If you cut by hand just install the consumables and start cutting. The consumable installation and the plasma process for a machine are similar. Both will produce a good quality of cut.

Manual Tubing Bender

This tool is a great tool for building different projects like motorcycle frames, rock-crawlers, and buggies. It features 5/8-inch thick main frame arms. You can work with pipes up to 2 inches. It uses mechanical leverage so that you can easily hand bend the pipes, but it can be upgraded to hydraulics at any time. Steel bushings at the main die pivot reduce friction. A Degree Plate is included and an optional stop kit that allows for repeatable bends is also available.

Tube Bender

If you are a professional racecar manufacturer this tube bender is a must-have for you. It offers dependable, accurate and affordable tube and pipe bending. Its tube capacity ranges from ½” to 2”. All parts are 100% CNC machined. It uses a high-ratio ratchet mechanism to allow you to bend, without assistance, large tubing sizes comfortably. You get an accurate bending by simply watching the pointer until it reaches the degree of bend you desire.

Xpert Pro

This tool offers bending technology for the highest demands on process speed and flexibility. It has various configurations and a wide range of performance options to suit all your requirements in the field of bending applications. The tool provides you with maximum repetition accuracy. It guarantees the highest standard of accuracy and precision while using only a few operating steps. A touch screen provides all the information required to allow fast processing of both individual orders and extensive order lists.

Standing Seam Tool

If you need a sufficient tool to cut through the ribs of the metal roofing panels, this is the tool you need. It creates the perfect cut through your standing seam ribs. And it is done with little physical effort. It accommodates panels from 12” to 24”. You can use it for straight cuts as well as angle cuts. and features a 29″ offset. The notcher provides you with a set of dies. Additional dies are also available.

HD Series Clamps

Are you frequently hurting your wrists when tightening clamps? Then you have to get this tool. It provides you with the clamp force you’ve always wanted without hurting yourself. The tool gives you a grip you can trust every time. It offers 10 times the speed of other clamps and provides a clamping force to keep your parts in place. This clamp allows you to confidently hold down your work with fewer clamps.

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