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The unique design of this tractor combines an all-wheel drive and powerful engines to give you stability and control while you work. The designers also make it fun to work on this tractor. The tractor is designed to be fun when using it. You can choose from more than 30 attachments. With all these attachments you turn your tractor into a productive and efficient powerhouse. It is ideal for golf courses, parks, school and university grounds and much more.

Bending Tool

Whatever you want to bend, you can achieve it with these bending tools. You choose from a comprehensive range of bending tools and find a special tool for your requirements. If you need a specialized unique tool, it can be designed and provided to you. They are all light-weight tools and easy to use. The tools offer direct angle regulation in the bending process. Your work will be perfect and correctly bend every time, in every situation.

Deburring External Chamfer Tool

This deburring tool is designed for repairing damaged bolts and fasteners. The deburring tool is easy to use. It works by a way of the shearing metal layer by layer. When you use the lowest speed on the drill bit, you slightly apply pressure and the burr will be removed. There will be no cut hands, sparks or burns when you use this tool. You can use it on hardened steel, mild steel, copper, brass, fiberglass and hard plastic.

Air Quality Products

Dust is a problem in most steel workshops and work environments. Not only makes dust on your material it very difficult to carry on working uninterruptedly on your project, but the dust is also a health hazard. If you and your employees are constantly working in a dusty environment you can become sick. Keep your shop and your workers safe with these dust collectors. They are quiet and easy to use and set up.

Dry Drills

This diamond drill range is engineered for drilling all types of ceramic tiles. It is ideal for those made of porcelain stone and other facing materials such as marble and granite. The designers used the vacuum welding technique. This increases the resistance to temperature and friction, to fix the diamond particles to the drilling surface. These drills are perfect for placing bathroom accessories. You can use it for any type of decorative accessory on ceramic surfaces and natural stone.

Brushes to Clean Welding Spots

If you are struggling with the preparation of weld joints and hand cleaning of the welding seams, this tool is a must-have for you. The brush will solve your problems. The cleaning of the welding joint and preparation of the weld seams are very important operations in the laying of a pipeline. You require the maximum performance of your work tools. With this brush, you get high efficiency of processing and low consumption of the object.

Air Grease Gun

This tool offers a 4-jaw super grip coupler. It ensures longer service life and a better grip on the nipple. The tool has an air vent for purging air pockets. The lightweight composite body makes it easy to use. The pump ratio is 40:1 max and the flow is approximately 260ml / min. It has an inlet pressure of 40PSI - 100PSI and a grease output pressure of 3800PSI Max. These characteristics make the tool very efficient.

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