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Abrasive Discs

These high-performance abrasive discs are ideal to prepare any vehicle’s wheels or any other metal surface. The disc removes rust quickly and efficiently. With all the dirt removed, the tire fits and seals correctly on the wheel. The discs are easily attached and removed from your working tool. They are also made of the highest quality material

for long durability. You save time and money by using these discs.

Diamond Core Drills

This is a light, but a very efficient motor for dry drilling. It offers a 2-speed motor. With it, you can drill up to 182 mm. It comes with a 2-seed gearbox with a clutch for effective drilling. For good control, it is equipped with a front handle in-line with a spindle. It is ideal for drilling highly abrasive materials. You can get an optional external dust extractor that opens from the side.

Concrete Saw This saw is ideal to cut up to 125 mm deep. It is a 355 mm handheld diamond saw. You can use it as a wet or dry saw and it is excellent for indoor and outdoor cutting. The blade is made from magnesium. This provides maximum strength with minimum weight. It is equipped with a LED indicator to help the operator to cur efficiently and accurate. The saw’s optional dust skid provides dust control for dry cutting.

Plastering Machine

This plastering machine is the number one selling plastering machine in the world! The mixing pump can be used to pump up to 85 liters. It is available with or without a water pump built into the frame. The water pump is necessary to suck water from a water source to ensure the plastering machine always has its own supply of water. It is designed for ready-mixed dry mortars. The dry mortar is thrown into the mixing chamber from a tilted feed tray that is driven separately and can be dismantled quickly.

Pulling Square

This tool is an indispensable complement to a dent removal device. It has a powerful hydraulic cylinder that makes the pulling bracket ideal for straightening large impacts effortlessly. The tool is light and easy to set up or dismantle. It offers a height-adjustable pulling position. It comes supplied complete with a bracket, double pads, a 6-tooth claw, chain and the hydraulic pump. If you are in the business of dent removal, you must have this tool.

Ergo Lift

This lifting table is very light. It weighs less than 200 kg. It is equipped with wheels and thus the table can be moved very easily in the Body shop with the help of a maneuvering tiller. The support arms offer a swiveling action and have notched positions for secure locking. To fit virtually any vehicle, the tool’s pads are adjustable in height. The table complies with the EN 1493 standard to be in line with insurance requirements.

Motor-Driven Carving Device

If you are in the business of wood carving – as a professional or as a DIY enthusiast – this is the tool for you. It carves all types of wood. You can use it for the restoration of furniture, and the restoration of antiques. The same tool is used for line-cuts and precision paint removal.

It is also possible to process plaster. For durability, the gear head is made of die-cast aluminum. The main housing is of glass-fiber reinforced Polyamide.

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