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Heavy-Duty Reciprocating Air Saw

When you use this tool you can use a variety of blades. It is designed in such a way that its dual chuck accepts standard air saw blades and saber saw blades. You can cut 1/8" (3 mm) thick mild steel with a very smooth cutting action. The tool offers a comfortable cushion grip. This reduces vibration. You experience less user fatigue. It has a variable-speed paddle-style safety trigger. It can’t start accidentally.

Drive Wing Nut Socket

You can work with this tool on any wing nut up to 3/8". The two differently sized slots fit multiple wing nut sizes. It offers a 7/8" external hex. This gives you access to wing nuts on a long stud. When you use the fastener, the socket does not touch the material. This prevents scratching and damaging of the material the wing nut is holding down. This is a tool that is a must-have for your toolbox.

Hyper-Capable Multi-Tool

This is a multi-purpose tool. It is a pocket tool family with unprecedented range and ability. You get features like a exclusive self-adjusting wrench. Apart form this self-adjusting ratcheting wrench technology you get a modular and reconfigurable architecture. This allows you to use the tool in unexpected, useful ways. It offers a full-size screwdriver, a T-handle driver, a full grip knife, and pistol grip saws. Joined and folded, it is 5.1"x1.77"x1.1".

Driver Bit Set

This tool gives you a bayonet blade and a quick-release chuck rapidaptor with an integrated bit storage. It also offers a pouch for convenient transport and storage. The two-position bayonet blade is extendable. It also can be removed and attached to a power tool. The tool’s handle fits the shape of the hand for ultimate comfort. It offers high-speed torque transfer. The two-position telescopic blade retracts into the handle for easy screw-driving in the tightest spots.It comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Torque Screwdrivers

These tools are reliable and accurate precision torque tools. The state of the art tools are used in various industries and applications. You can use it to get a set torque and a fastener that slips, and click to notice you when the desired torque has been reached. There are a vast range of screwdrivers, including the adjustable torque screwdriver, the preset torque screwdriver and the electric torque screwdriver and more.

Rust Paint

With this paint, you don’t need a topcoat. This rust solution is easy to apply. It covers up to 160 square feet. With this product you get a UV resistant surface that seals out moisture, and protects the material against further corrosion. It is durable enough to withstand temperatures of 300°. It is designed to be applied directly over existing rust. You don’t need to prepare the surface. It is ideal for automotive, agricultural, household and industrial applications. You can either apply with a spray gun, or use a brush.

Cleaning Gun

This cleaning gun cleans thoroughly and effectively. It cleans almost any surface using a combination of air pressure mixed with a chemical product. The gun offers improved technology for better performance. Its ball-bearing drive creates a vortex effect. You can manually adjust the air and cleaning agent supply. Dirt is lifted by suction. An articulated connection gives you very flexible handling. In the kit, you get the cleaning gun, a multi-lingual instruction manual, a replacement pick-up tube, a replacement aerating nozzle tube, and a sealing cap.

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