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Blind Rivet Tool

This is a very fast cordless rivet tool. You don’t need hoses and compressors. The tool delivers up to 3X longer life than other cordless riveters. It is an efficient tool as the steel alloy 3-jaw design delivers more work between jaw changes. It is lightweight but designed to withstand harsh shop or assembly plant environments. The tool comes with an all-metal gear case, and a protective over-mold. The batteries provide you long worktime per charge and long battery life.

Tongue and Groove Pliers

This tool offers straight jaws and a cushion grip. It is made from the finest quality alloy tool steel. It grips all shape rods, pipes and cable connections. It is manufactured with precision-milled ribs. This gives a smooth and positive interlock between the two halves. It is designed that the riveted joint don’t separate or jump out of the grooves. The tool offers straight jaws and self-locking jaw adjustment.

Pliers and Wrench

This tool is pliers and wrench in one tool and a must-have for your toolbox. Its adjustable screwdriver tool, is also very suitable for gripping, clamping, pressing and bending workpieces. You replace various large and expensive spanners with jaw widths up to 85mm or 3 3/8 " with this tool. The tool is also ideal for careful mounting of high-quality fittings made of brass, red cast iron, stainless steel or chrome-plated materials.

Wire Stripper/Cutter

This tool is designed to cut, strip and loop a wide range of stranded copper wires. With its precision shear-type blades you can get a clean cut every time. Its strong-gripping serrated nose is ideal wire for shaping, pulling, and bending. It cleanly shears 6-32 and 8-32 screws. The tool has a coil spring that offers fast self-opening action. It stores conveniently because of its closure lock.

Hole Cutting Tool

This tool is uniquely designed and engineered. It allows you to cut holes of 1⁄4" to 4 3⁄4". You can use it in up to 8" diameter steel pipe. Its built-in level ensures a perfect line up fwhen you make multiple holes. The tool is ideal for mechanical, industrial maintenance and fire protection contractors as it can cut through a variety of pipes. No off-the-shelf drill-based hole cutter compares in performance or durability to this tool.

Flex-Head Angle Impact Wrench

If you need a true flex-head impact wrench this is the tool for you. It has the industry’s shortest length head and can angle both forward and backwards. It is ideal for fitting an impact in all-new never considered applications. The tool offers a dual air intake motor with a twin hammer mechanism for increased power. It has an adjustable tension 180° flex-head. The head has a 360° swivel handle for maximum access.

Manual Cutters

This range of professional manual cutters is perfect for intensive cutting of all types of ceramic tiles. The cutters’ high-performance separator and rotating angle system allow an easy and fast execution of angular cuts from 0º to 45º. They also work with porcelain stoneware tiles. Their 1200 kg separation power allows the cutters to have an excellent performance on extruded stoneware. Because of the advanced position of the roller visibility increases during scratching and separation.

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