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Electric Cutters

This electric cutter tool is equipped with a mobile head with a plunge effect. This gives professionals great versatility in cuts. It is ideal for cutting all types of ceramic and porcelain tiles. It also ideal for building materials. You can use it on marble, granite, bricks, etc. This is possible because of the 2 hp motor. The motor is mounted on sliding bearings. This guarantees maximum precision and reliability.


This rammer is an extremely economical vibrator. It has a very good engine protector system and low operating and maintenance costs. This tool gives you a machine that complies with the latest guidelines for ergonomics and safety. It is designed for a wide range of uses in earthworks, asphalt construction, road construction, trench construction or gardening and landscaping. It is very comfortable to work with and extremely easy to transport.

Telescopic Ladder

This telescopic ladder is designed for intensive, professional use. As it is telescopic you can store it easily in a small space. It offers a professional telescopic ladder with an integrated wall bracket with tool bag. This telescopic ladder is automatically retractable and has extra-deep rungs. You can use the ladder at variable working heights. It is the ideal ladder for the professional who has to carry out work on location. The ladder is easy to take with you in the separately available Backpack Trolley.

Tube Expander/Reducer

This tool is mounted on its own easy-wheeling cart. With it you can form ball joints, slip joints, flares and flanges. You can also perform doming and reducing anywhere. The tool runs on a 220 volt, 60 Hz supply. It offers 25,000 pounds of expanding power. The expanding capacity is from 1” to 5-1/2”, and has an adjustable collar for expanding 1” to 3-1/2”. It is very compact - 40” high, 37” long, and 24” wide.

Mortar Routing Dust Guard

This mortar routing dust guard fits easily on your machine. It is essential for health reasons to keep your dust levels low. Grinders are generally providing a lot of dust. With this dust guard, you minimize the dust pollution in your workshop. This dust guard fits on most grinders. It is ideal for routing and brick raking. It enables the routing depth to be set and maintained. The tool contains dust without the need for a vacuum cleaner. It removes old mortar without damaging adjoining bricks.

Wall Detector

This wall detector is the perfect solution for fast and accurate detection of wood, metal bars and electrical wiring in walls, ceilings and floors. You can read the LDC screen easily. The tool’s audio feedback simplifies the observation of materials. It is able to measure 13 to 38mm deep depending on the material being detected. This makes this tool ideal for working with plasterboard, concrete, tiles and many other surfaces.

Diamond Ceramic Hole Saw

If you frequently have to work with hard tiles and drill into then you definitely need this tool. It has a diamond coating for that drilling into hard tiles. A sponge is included for easy water cooling. This increases the hole saw’s durability. It will also keep it dust-proof. The tool comes in a high-quality storage box. The box is designed so that you can also use it as a water basin.

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