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Curved Jaw With Cutter Locking Pliers

This tool is equipped with a spring-loaded release lever. This is very comfortable as it allows quick no-pinch release. You also get a locking nut on the tool to secure a specific jaw opening for repeated jobs. The tool can hold large objects as a result of its larger jaw capacity. The tool’s jaws are designed to cover a great surface area and this combined with its fitted broader teeth ensure secure gripping. The tool carries a lifetime warranty for materials and workmanship for as long as you as original purchaser own the tool.

Slip Type Elevator

Are you in the oil drilling business, or involved with well tripping operations? If you are frequently working with pipes and hoisting and drilling them, you must have this elevator. It is an indispensable tool for you. It holds and hoists pipes, as well as casing and tubing. It is the ideal tool for the hoisting of an integrated tubing sub. It is also perfect for integral joint casing and electric submersible pump columns.

Self-Setting Spanner Set

This compact folding pouch comes with four adjustable spanners. They cover all metric and imperial dimensions in applications from 1/4" to ¾". The set offers fast and consistent screw driving. You don’t have to remove the wrench every time because of the mechanical ratchet function. It offers automatic and continuous gripping of the hexagon screw or bolt. Slipping and damaging are avoided as a result of the excellent gripping action. It has a return angle of only 30 degrees.

Dynamic Torque Limiter

This torque limiter allows you to convert conventional hand and power tools easily into torque-limiting tools. Al you have to do is simply install the limiter to the end of a traditional power tool or hand tool. It is then automatically converted. Then you can assemble applications quickly and accurately. You can even tighten bottles, caps and lids. It is a very handy tool to have and you will use it frequently.

Brake Line Flares

Perfect brake line flares in 10 seconds? Do you think it is not possible? This revolutionary tool lets you flare brake lines directly on the vehicle. The design produces leak-proof flares every time. You don’t need a vice and you don’t have any loose parts. The tool also saves you labor. With a pneumatic operation, flares are produced on the vehicle. The tool offers quick tube size changeovers, and it is a single-handed operation.

Auto Nut Buddy

This is the perfect package for roadside safety. You can break loose stubborn wheel lug nuts and bolts on cars and light trucks. With this, a free collapsible traffic cone is provided. Included in the package are the auto Nut Buddy tool, a heavy-duty plastic molded carrying case, and an instruction sheet. You also receive a cranking handle and collapsible traffic cone. This cone is 18" high and has 2 reflective collars.

Electrical Contact Enhancer

This contact enhancer comes in 2 fl. oz. bottles. It is an excellent electrical contact enhancer. For the conductive material, it leaves a thin polymer film on the mating surfaces. When you apply it to contacts, it provides the same reliability of a soldered contact. You can use it in a variety of areas. Typical uses include electric ignition systems, instrument clusters, bulbs and heater and AC controls. It is also handy for solenoid door and trunk locks and power windows.

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