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Top 7 Best Tools Every One Should Have 16

Band Saw Kit

This band saw kit uses a brushless motor and technology to keep constant power. The technology makes it one of the fastest cutting compact band saws. It has a compact design and weighs only six pounds. The saw has integrated blade covers. This makes it suitable for one-handed use. You have maximum control as a result of the variable speed trigger and an LED work light. A rafter hook makes it easy to store between cuts.

Socket Isolator

You can now protect yourself from electric shock with new patented isolating technology. This tool provides insulation of up to 1,000 volts, and it insulates all your standard bits. This tool is essential when you are working around potential live wire applications. It is designed to withstand heavy-use, impact tool applications. You never have to sacrifice protection when using power tools. Its compact design also improves precision in tight spaces.

Water Pump Pliers

This is the world’s smallest water pump pliers, but it has a full functional capability. It is compact but the slim head provides a firm grip. You can use it easily in tight spaces. It offers a one-handed quick adjustment. This makes it easy to fit various workpiece sizes. It is self-locking on pipes and nuts. The tool has special hardened teeth and grips surfaces tightly. A pinch guard ensures that operators' fingers are not pinched.

Coax Cable Radial Stripper

The tool’s durable high-carbon steel cutting blades automatically adjust to different cable diameters. It can strip 2-level cables in one step. You can use it for cables from ¼-inch. The tool preps and strips five different RG cable series, including RG59, RG6, RG6Q, RG11 and RG7. With this tool, you easily clean out debris. It is ideal for a person working with utility cable as well as standard cable.

Electric Pipe Cutter

This electric pipe cutter is mobile and the ideal tool for daily use. As a result of the tool’s quick start-up function, this 4 ½ "pipe cutter saves time and effort. It offers a fast size setting and fast feed. It cuts chip-free and clean right-angled cuts. Its cutting wheels are made of high-strength alloy. They can be exchanged without tools. You can use it on a variety of materials, like stainless steel, carbon steel, steel, SML, aluminum, copper, PVC (plastic) and composite material.

Under hood Light Bar

This light bar is made from aluminum and available in a wide range. It is an expandable under hood bar with adjustable mounts for work lights and cordless power-bank storage. The bar has a self-tensioning hood hook end for quick adjustments. It also offers a pad for mounting pads for magnetic work lights. You also get an optional pouch for rechargeable power banks. It is incredibly rigid and robust

Level System

The main function of this leveling system is to avoid the creation of eyebrows when installing ceramic tiles. The system prevents the tiles to move during the installation process. It reduces the number of corrections needed. The level presses the highest piece until its position matches that of the adjacent tiles. It is a system of wedges and flanges, and ideal for formats of 30x30 cm or more. It can handle various thicknesses.

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