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Top 7 Best Tools Every One Should Have 19

Cordless Drill Combo Kit

With this tool kit, you get 4 cordless tools that are essential for the DIY enthusiast. You do cutting, sanding, and drilling while keeping a flashlight on hand. Apart from the drill, the kit consists of a jig-saw and sander. A LED flashlight is also included. The battery provides you also with a USB outlet to power your mobile devices. The kit’s tools are ideal for wood crafts and DIY making or repairing home décor. The tools are also handy for experienced and professional woodworkers.

Multi-Ring Hole Saw

This hole circle drill uses patented flutes. These flutes provide high and fast work performance. The hole saw is made of hardened spring steel. Its tooth tips are inductively hardened. You can use the hole saw in wood, plastic-coated woods, hardwood, coated and uncoated softwood, chipboard, plasterboard, lightweight boards, non-ferrous metal, laminate, plastics and copper. The saw provides diameter sizes from 25mm up to 68mm. It is also suitable to saw holes for water connections and pipes, and electronic cables and spotlights.

Carpet Cleaner

If you are looking for a tool offering simple, convenient and deep cleaning of carpets, this machine is what you need. It is designed to be easy to use. The machine uses the spray-extraction method. It is equipped with a rotating brush and high suction power to give you a deep clean in a single pass. The machine’s exceptional sucking power helps carpets to dry out very quickly. Its compact dimensions make it ideal for areas between 200 m² and 800 m².

Dust Extractor

This construction dust extractor is designed to keep your workers safe and it helps to prevent long term lung damage. The extractor is very versatile and efficient. You can use it for liquids and dry dirt and dust collection. It is equipped with an auto-start power take-off that allows the extractor to start automatically within 3 to 5 seconds run on delay when a power tool is connected. It comes with all the cleaning accessories and a power tool adapter.

X-Lock Angle Grinder

This grinder gives you a variable speed and a paddle switch. It is designed so that you hear an audible snap when the wheel is perfectly mounted on the grinder. You don’t need a spanner wrench to mount the wheel properly. You release the wheel from the grinder with the pull of a lever. The grinder delivers 13 amps of power and can give you up to 11,500 rpm. For your convenience, it has a vibration control handle.

Heavy-Duty Instrument Benders

If you need a product to be used as a rebar-cutter and rebar-bender, this tool is a must-have for you. It offers high quality bending performance on materials like stainless steel and hard tubing. You can also use it on titanium. The tool’s two Stage design allows you to perform in-place bending from 90-degrees to 180-degrees. The leverage is increased with the extra-long 16-inch handles. With these handles, you need less force to bend and roll the material.

Drawer Tool Chest

This 20 gauge steel cabinet body gives you added strength and durability. It is equipped with a trigger lock system that helps the aluminum drawers pull open and close very easily and naturally. Its drawers are auto-returning sliding drawers with 100 lbs. capacity ball bearing slides.

It offers a tubular lock and key for added security of the contents in the cabinet. It is corrosion-resistant and protected against weather and staining.

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