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Ratcheting Wrench

This wrench is ideal for a variety of tasks around the house. For home repairs and general DIY tasks, this tool is indispensable. It offers color-coded socket sizes for your convenience. You can immediately get the correct size you need. The tool is designed for general household tasks, like the assembling of furniture, and common do-it-yourself repairs such as making bike adjustments. You can even use it for simple plumbing jobs and the maintenance of things like changing a lawnmower blade.

Screw Attachment For Interior Work

Interior construction with plasterboard and stud frames is becoming increasingly popular. If you are involved with this type of construction you need this plasterboard tool. This adds to the time saved by using this building method. Fastening plasterboard with screws can be difficult. The screw heads should be countersunk slightly so that they can be smoothed over later. The plasterboard screw attachment has the necessary “instinct” to do it correctly. Once set, it sinks all common plasterboard screws with the perfect depth in metal and wooden posts. The ideal tool to do your work without frustration!

Hard Floor Cleaner

Are you tired of struggling with mops and buckets of water to clean your hard floors? Then you need this floor cleaner. This tool allows you to mop and suck up dirt in just one step. It is equipped with automatically moistened, rotating microfiber rollers that pick dirt up. The dirty water is continuously suctioned off the rollers so that you are always mopping with clean water. The cleaner can be used on all standard hard floors and the floors are dry in less than two minutes.

Counter Sink Set

This set consists of five heat-treated steel countersinks with hex shafts. They are fitted with high-speed steel drill bits that cover the full range of screw sizes. They are also self-clearing. They allow you to work with screws of different length because it is adjustable. With the set, you can produce a 9.5mm (3/8in) or 12.7mm (1/2in) diameter counter bored hole to fit standard wood plugs. A very handy countersink set to have in your toolbox!

Brushless Angle Grinder

This angle grinder delivers power equivalent to a 13-amp corded grinder. It offers you advanced user control and makes it easy to use. You don’t need any tool to mount the wheel properly. It is equipped with a kickback control that helps you shut off the tool if the wheel gets stuck. It will also shut off when you drop it accidentally on the floor. It has a high-performance brushless motor.

Drain Cleaning Machine

This tool is designed and purpose-built for the professional. With it, you can quickly clear grease buildup, roots and heavy scale. You can use it for 3-inch – 6-inch pipes. It is easy to use with one step of the footswitch. It is powered by a 1.5 HP internal universal motor. The tool has a fully enclosed drum to minimize set-up and clean up time. For easy transporting and handling, it is equipped with a telescoping handle, multiple wheels, and grab places.

90 Tooth Head Ratchet Set

This flex-head ratchet is equipped with a 90 tooth gear. It gives you a 4” swing arc to turn a fastener in tight confines. The flex-head can adjust to 6 positions. The tool is precision-engineered and offers high strength pawl for increased durability. It offers highly visible markings on the tool’s head. Its teardrop low profile head and flush mounted on/off switch are specifically designed to give you better access in tight places.

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