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Cordless Concrete Nailer

This cordless concrete nailer kit is to be used with concrete and steel applications. It makes the need to purchase fuel cells unnecessary. When you buy this tool you get the cordless concrete nailer, and batteries with a charger, and the standard/drywall contact trip kit box. A versatile field-serviceable driver blade reduces downtime. Dual LED work lights illuminate work surfaces. This tool offers you gas-free operation, but still provides a consistent, powerful alternative that makes operation possible and easy.

Utility Staple Starter And Staples

This tool is designed specifically to work with utility staples when you install ground wire. You can also use it for ground molding to utility poles. With this tool, you don’t drop staples while you work or hit your fingers. You also don’t puncture your work gloves. The stapler has enough staples (35 to 40) to finish installation on one pole. For its smooth operation, it automatically loads the next staple. It works with most heavy-duty staples on the market.

Outdoor Knife

If you love the outdoors and are camping a lot, you need this all-purpose outdoor knife. This practical outdoor knife has a rustproof, smooth, 95 mm long steel blade. With its ergonomic handle shape with a soft zone, it lies comfortably in your hand. You can use it for camping, hobbies and crafts. If you are not using it, you can safely store the knife in the plastic case you get with the knife. The holder has a clip that you can use to attach it to your belt. Thus, you can always keep it close at hand.

Filter Mask

If you need protection against fine nuisance dust particles, you need this lightweight respirator. When not in use it folds flat. You can use this filtration mask for softwood dust, and sheet materials. It is not designed for hardwood. It offers you more than 94% dust capture efficiency. It is ideal for respiratory protection. The mask has an adjustable nose clip for a comfortable fit on the face. It is equipped with adjustable straps for your convenience.

Bosch Bulldog Floor Scraper

If you are frequently using a tool to scrape floors, this tool scraper is worth looking at. It has a five-inch blade. This ensures that a large area can be scraped fast. It removes 25 percent more material than other scrapers. You can use it for a variety of applications such as tile removal and laminate floor and glue removal. The tool’s durable steel blade ensures long life. You can scrape the thinnest mortar and remove tiles with a stable blade attachment.

Shear Head For Cutting

This tool delivers premium shop quality, burr-free channel cutting on site in 5 seconds or less. It is compatible with RIDGID crimping tools. The tool’s knife tip provides a clean, consistent cut when the trigger is pulled. There are no sparks when you do grinding or sawing. The crimping tools are not included in the price. If you frequently have to do channel cutting, this tool is very handy and efficient to have in your toolbox

Tether-Ready Ratchet Socket Exchange

Are you frustrated with sockets falling out of the ratchet you’re working with? Then you have to get this ratchet that makes it almost impossible for a socket to fall out. The tether-ready ratchets are designed to have a two-step locking and quick-release action. This ensures that unintentional socket drops don’t occur. The tool’s design supports all existing GEARWRENCH full polish chrome sockets. They need no pin or awl when adding or removing a socket from the ratchet tang.

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