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Pneumatic Coil Roofing Nailer

With its high-speed valve technology, this tool drives over 10 nails per second. It is equipped with an adjust wheel with numbered detents to help to drive nails to the proper depth. You can use the tool to drive nails into a great variety of materials. As a result of its ergonomic design it is lighter than most other roofing nailers. It only weighs 4.5 lbs. The tool cannot slide around as it is equipped with rubber inserts protecting the tool and also stop it from sliding. It gives you an operating pressure of 70-120 PSI

Safety Helmets

If your employees are in a work environment where safety helmets have to be worn, you have to look at these safety helmets. They are engineered for optimal safety, comfort and fit. All of them are compact and lightweight. The chin straps allow comfortable working while wearing the helmet. Headlights can be attached to the helmets without straps. Its padded and washable sweatband enhances the comfort when wearing the helmets.

Pre-Drill With Countersink

This excellent 2-in-1 product combines two functions in one product. You can pre-drill and countersink up to a diameter of 12 mm in wood in one step. You can do it quickly and without changing tools. The tool has an adjustable depth stop. This stop helps you to reach the perfect drilling and countersinking depth. Its 3 cutting edges give you clean results. Ideal for even countersinks in series. The depth stop is made of high-quality plastic and offers a clear view of the work area.

Three-Piece Drill Bit Guide Set

You use these quick-release ¼-inch hex shank in quick tool change drills. It serves as an accurate self-centered pilot hole when you are drilling for hinges and lock faceplates. You can use it on timbers and boards. The high-speed drill is made from HSS steel for longer life. It is spring-loaded to ensure that the drill bit retracts safely. The tool can easily be dismantled for cleaning and drill bit replacement.

Cordless Auger

If you need high-speed Auger bits to deliver fast, clean holes and are designed to be driven by cordless drills, this auger is your solution. It is engineered to work with cordless drills at high speeds. The bits design ensures that they don't stop the drill in the middle of drilling. The tips also offer up to 2x more holes per charge. The reinforced tip gives you up to 2x longer life than standard auger bits. You can use these bits in-between studs and in tight spaces.

Flaring Too

You can very easily prepare a flared joint with this tool. This pipe flaring tool has a ratcheting handle. This reduces the amount of effort required compared to a standard handle. It is ideal for confined spaces. The handle clutch releases when the flare is complete and iron and smooth the flare. You can flare steel, stainless steel, hard copper and brass tubing. The tool is covered with a lifetime warranty against defects in material or workmanship

Bolt Biter

This toolset is designed with the professional in mind. The sockets are engineered to be used for removing or tightening damaged fasteners. Dual sized sockets allow you to work with both SAE and metric fasteners. It is a square drive with a hex base for use with an impact gun, ratchet, wrench, or pliers. They are made from chrome molybdenum alloy steel and are exceptionally strong. The markings are laser-etched and provide quick size identification.

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