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Track Saw

This track saw with plunge-action is compact. It uses one-battery and thus is a cordless track saw. But it offers you the performance of a corded track saw. You can make precise and clean cuts in the materials that include wood and wood-based sheets. You can make exact adjustments for precise cuts. The cuts are table-saw quality. Virtually no splinters are formed. The tool has a high-performance motor and drive-train system. With this saw you get power comparable to corded tools.


When you buy this stapler you receive a stable metal stapler with adjustable impact power and 1,000 nails. It comes at a very affordable price. You can use it for most household and DIY-projects. With its staple lift, it is easy to use. You can change staples quickly and easily because of the hinged magazine. It is ideal for redecoration jobs and jobs where a powerful bonding is needed.

Tire Buffer

This low-speed tire buffer is cordless. With the tool you get excellent perrformance, control, and runtime. Its brushless motor gives this tire repair tool the performance and size professional tire technicians require. You can work on passenger, light truck, and commercial flat tire repairs. The tool offers you a dedicated buffing and drilling mode so that you can avoid costly mistakes. You can do up to 30 flat tire repairs on a single battery. This increases your efficiency and productivity.

Service Floor Jack

This aluminum and steel service floor jack offers a low-profile design and quick-lifting hydraulic system. You can handle a variety of lifting jobs with this tool. It is durable and needs not a lot of maintenance. It has a lead-free paint finish to ensure a long-lasting finish and to prevent rust. The paint used on the tool is oil, grease and dirt-resistant for easy cleanup. You need not a lot of oil pressure to move the load as a result of the tool’s large diameter hydraulic steel cylinder unit.


This tool comes with a highly efficient brushless motor. It also has an external heat sink dissipating thermal energy from the grip area. The tool is equipped with a progressive trigger. This works with an optical sensor to enable either full or half-opening. The blade crossing is electronically controlled. Although it is a heavy-duty machine, it is lightweight and comfortable to use. It is ideal for pruning orchards and landscaping jobs.

Electronic Screwdriver

This precision screwdriver line is developed specifically to be used in precision mechanics and electronics. The line includes all the common screw profiles and sizes. The screwdrivers are Ideal to use in technical areas. They are color-coded for your convenience and easy picking of the correct screwdriver. Depending on your needs, you can buy the whole set or buy them individually. This is a must-have for everyone frequently in need of precision screwdrivers.

Electric Pressure Washer

This is the ideal tool if you frequently have to clean windows, patio furniture, decks and much more. The pressure washer is light-weight and compact. You can easily transport and carry it. It can be stored in a small space. Its 13 Amp electric motor delivers 1,800 psi. This guarantees quick and efficient cleaning. It comes with 3 quick-connect nozzles, soap and a turbo. If you use the turbo nozzle you get up to 50% more cleaning power.

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