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1. CAMO Lever Deck Board Bending and Locking Tool (1)

This tool is designed to straighten warped board. It can be used on unruly pressure treated to dense hardwood. With this tool, you can speed up your grooved deck installations. For maximum job site use, you can adjust the tool to single, double and metal joists. You are capable to get powerful torque with minimal effort, due to the tool’s multi-directional handle which sets in one turn. This tool sells at less than $190.

2. Vise-Less Work Support

If you frequently need to keep the material you working up from your bench, you need this tool. It provides an adjustable but stable platform on which your stock can be clamped for accurate hand and machine work. By positioning your workpiece above your bench you can work at a comfortable height and have full clearance for blades or bits. A quick-release clamp fits any bench for fast mounting. This tool is only made to order, precisely made for your needs.

3. Veritas Compact Router Base Plate

This tool is designed to enhance any compact router. The plate mounts in place of the tool’s original base plate. This wider plate gives you a broader platform for stability and control. The tool is made of acrylic and doesn’t obscure your view of your work. It comes with predrilled mounting holes to match the base plates of most compact routers. If your compact router is not one of the routers listed you can order a blank base plate and drill appropriate holes yourself.

4. Meihejia 4pcs Square Hole Mortise Chisel Bit Set

For less than $25 you can buy this chisel bit set for square holes. It includes 4 bits sizes. You can drill a square hole with a one-time procedure and the slag dust can be discharged from the tube. If you work with hardwood material, this toolset is ideal. It’s made of high-speed steel with high hardness. It also has a lengthened core. It fits all mortising machines

5. WORX Clamping Sawhorse Pair with Bar Clamps

If you have to use sawhorses frequently, this set of sawhorses and their integrated clamps are a must-have. The clamps fasten large and small projects securely. It can be used in horizontal and vertical positions. The clamps are like a second pair of hands and thus enable you to work alone. They provide up to 300 lbs. of pressure. The sawhorses are made from rugged, molded ABS. The clamps are made of ABS and steel.

6. Clamex P-10

This tool is ideal for fixed or detachable miter joints in furniture. With this tool, you do not need glue or screws. It is a knockdown fitting and connects via a lever. The tool offers a shallow installation depth of only 10 mm. It is perfect for small material thickness. Two stabilizers offer very good dimensional stability. It enables connections without tools and allows you to work fast and accurately.

7. 7-1/4-IN. Surform Shaver craftsman

This shaver is compact and lightweight and easy and comfortable to use. It has a polypropylene molded body for safety and durability. Stock removal is made easy and efficient as a result of the tool’s curved blade. To shave in corners it is equipped with side cut teeth. It works on the pull stroke. The replacement blade clicks easily in place. This is a very handy little tool which can make all your shaving work much easier.

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