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RUWI quick clamps -

These quick clamps are very versatile and can be used for a variety of clamping jobs. They are designed for quick and easy clamping of elements. The clamping is done with precision and without tools. This enables you to speed up your workflow. Adjustment of the clamps is done and maintained with a sprung bolt that is operated by a lever and a simple adjustment nut. These clamps are must-haves for anyone who has to frequently clamp elements together.

PP-1 Pencil Precision -

Do you know somebody who wants to make a pencil for a kid or even grandchild? With this unit, it is possible to make your own pencils. It could be an excellent present for this person. To make a pencil all you do is to put the blank in the unit, tighten the clamp and cut a 1 mm radius groove. Repeat the process to get two pieces which, if put together, form a hexagon. The process to clamp, glue and place the lead in place is literally child’s play.

Scheppach cs 55 Plunge Cut Circular Saw -

Do you have to cut laminate worktops, boards and sheet materials frequently? Then this corded plunge circular saw is ideal for you. It has a 2-meter cable and offers 5500 rpm no load speed and a 55 mm maximum cutting depth at 90-degrees. The blade is 160 mm in diameter. Its parallel plunge allows you to maintain a constant and smooth hand position while cutting. You get an accurate and fine finish without a breakout in laminates as a result of the 24 teeth blade. The tool comes with a 1-year guarantee

Panto-Package Pro-Pack -

This package includes the router, templates, guide bearings and router bits you need to make box joints and dovetails. A dust collector hood, a centering-scale fence and lever clamps are also included. The router works in all three axes and thus you can set the plunge depth accurately. All this makes it one of the most versatile router cutters on the market. Its lightweight construction allows you to work very comfortable with this cutter.

Sharer Origin –

With this hand-held tool, you have only four steps to follow. You cut the pattern by following the toolpath on the screen. Then you put glue on the parts. As the third step you assemble the object, and lastly, you do some sanding to beautify it. Four steps and the product is completed! To create the toolpaths is very easy. You just place designs in your workspace and set the cut dimensions. The tool then automatically calculates toolpaths for you.

Tenso P-10 -

This tool is an excellent gluing aid. You don’t need clamps or presses. It is designed for thin materials of 15 mm and is ideal for glued furniture. Its preload clip reduces force when making a stable connection. The parts click comfortably together and it ensures invisible gluing. It is designed to stop square for stabilization. The tool can be used on several joining elements, including bulky parts and special angles

Bora Portamate Miter Saw Stand Work Station | Mobile Rolling Table Top Workbench -

This saw stand is a full-scale mobile rolling table workbench. You can quickly and easily put your saw and other power tools on the stable bench. It offers two 30-inch wings that can fold outward. When folded out they lock into place to give you an extended workspace. You can also use the bench in different spaces. With its handle and wheels, you can easily move from one area to another. With the wings folded down, it forms a level table for planning and measuring.

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