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Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Universal Gauge -

If you want to give a woodworker an excellent gift, give him this universal gauge. It’s a well-constructed protractor and layout tool. The gauge is ideal to use in confined spaces. It has a magnetic base 5/8 inches wide, and the overall dimensions are 6 inches by 7-3/8 inches. The tool includes an extendable and fast-locking depth and height gauge. It also includes a 90-degree square, a laser-etched 45-degree quadrant, a couple of dovetail squares, and a marking gauge.

Multi-purpose cutter

This tool is ideal for sculpting and carving. When using a 4-inch blade the cut depth is 1-3/8 inches. It comes with a 3-inch and 4-inch carbide cutter. You also receive two extensions for deeper reach and 6 belts – two at each side – with adapters and tools. It offers adapter rings for Dewalt, Porter-Cable, Makita and Bosch angle grinders. Its low vibration, even at the maximum speed of 15,000 rpm, makes it easy and comfortable to work with.

Lumberjack Tools 10" Draw Knife (DK1000) -

With this draw knife, you can remove bark from logs very easily. It is durable and will give you years of use. The knife is made of premium alloy steel. It is 10-inches long and 1-1/2-ins wide. The ergonomic handles are over-molded onto barbed tangs and they fit perfectly in the palm of your hands. The blade’s edge is designed to peel logs for years. The tool can be used in any weather.

Multii Router -

With this tool, you can take joinery techniques to a high level of precision and accuracy. It will also save you many working hours. With its template system, the machined-templates stay on the perfect track. The stylus is kept on the right track by the precision machined-templates. The templates feature perfectly square shoulders and no beveled edges. You don’t waste time with trial-and-error test cuts. The tool can be customized to fit your shop.

Mafell Edge milling machine KF 1000, no. 91C501 -

This tool is ideal to use on solid wood, veneers and plastics. It works extremely quiet. The tool offers continuous adjustment of the milling depth. This is done via the thread ring. For edge processing, you can remove the support ring. With its large, tilt-proof contact surface, you can work very precisely. The suction adapter can be adjusted to fit any working position. The tool’s start-up ring brake makes it easy to work on sensitive materials without leaving processing marks.

WORX WX682L 20V Oscillating Tool -

This tool is ideal for sanding, scraping, sawing and cutting. For your convenience, it offers a universal interface allowing you to use a variety of brands’ oscillating accessories. Its 20-volts motor, combined with its 3.2-degrees oscillating motion give you fast speed cutting. You always have maximum control over the application as a result of the variable speed from 5,000 to 20,000 rpm. To assist with accurate cutting, it is equipped with a light to illuminates the work surface.

Dust Right Router Table Dado Dust Chute

If you are frequently routing dados on the router table, you most probably are frustrated by conventional dust ports. With the conventional port, the dust gets shot out of the dado sideways, out of range of the fence port. This tool solves the problem with its special dado dust chute. It is a device attached to the side of your router table and captures the jet of dust before it hits the floor. You can regulate the suction with its built-in blast gate.

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