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Wolfcraft 2/Pk ES 22 Corner Clamps | 3051000 -

With this tool, you can assemble shelves, frames and small cupboards easily. It is also suitable to fix boards and frames at an angle of 90-degrees. You use the tool as a mounting aid for gluing or screwing boards together. It can be used for corner and T-joints when the boards have different thickness. The boards can have a thickness from 10 mm to 22 mm. It is designed to be operated with one hand to keep your other hand free to hold the workpiece.

The Cylinder Mill -

This is a tool allowing you to shape and cut cylindrical shapes with a table saw. To use the tool you put a piece of lumber between the tool’s two centers and then rotate the lumber with a crank handle. You then push the tool over the table saw’s turning blade. With this tool, you can make round-shouldered and square-shouldered tendons. Cylinders up to 12 inches in diameter and up to 9 feet long can be cut. Tapered cones and dowels can also be cut.

JET Cyclonic Separator –

If you are working frequently with material producing dust and debris, you need this separator in your workshop. This tool is the ultimate dust collector. It maintains the airflow of the dust collection by deflecting chips and large debris to let the dust collecting filters trap fine particles. The environment stays dust-free. You can place the separator on almost any size container’s lid. It combines cyclonic power and efficiency.

JBOS-5, Benchtop Oscillating Spindle Sander-

This tool is a heavy-duty worm gear system that gives a one-inch oscillating action. This ensures a long sleeve life and helps to prevent burnishing of the piece you are working on. Five spindles with sanding sleeves and four inserts are provided. Dust and debris are kept out of the air by the built-in dust port. Storage racks keep spindles and table inserts at hand. The tool comes with a 1/2HP motor and a large 141/2” tilting table.

Micro Jig DVC-538K2 MATCHFIT -

This clamp attaches anywhere with a dovetail groove. The unique shape of the clamp slides into the dovetail wood rails and grooves for quick and easy clamping. It is comfortable to work with because of its soft-grip handle. By using this tool you eliminate the need for expensive T-tracks. This versatile tool is compatible with 0.7 x 0.7-inch holes for quick attachment. It sells at less than $45.

Tenso P-14 I -

These connectors allow you to glue pieces together without the need for screw clamps or other pressure. The self-clamping tool has three functions, namely alignment, clamping and connecting. It also provides anchorage in the workpiece in just seconds and no other tools are needed. Preloading of the joining elements reduces the amount of force when connecting the workpieces. With the option to install the connector offset it is possible to use the tool already from 13 mm panel thickness.

Mini in-DEXABLE –

This tool offers laser-cut scribing guides every 1/16-inch along the blade. The guides are sized to capture a pencil tip. This gives you accurate parallel scribing. To get the zero-point the tool has a spring-loaded index pin that locks the head at any full inch. The stainless-steel blades finishing process gives them a satin finish, and the deeply engraved graduations are crisp and dark and will never wear off. It comes with a wall-mountable rack to protect the square when not in use.

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