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Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Precision Carving System –

This precision carving system enables exact finishing and detailed texturing of wood. It is a 4-part precision set and ideal for sculptors, DIY enthusiasts, joiners, and woodworkers. The set includes a universal adapter which is mounted on the power carving unit. You can also mount it on an M14 angle grinder. This adapter forms the basis for the interchangeable precision carving and grinding attachments. The attachments are designed to help you to create fine wood structures.

Turbo Bench Lathe with Legs If you are experiencing problems with your bench lathe when doing woodturning, this bench lathe should solve most of your problems. This lathe is based on industry-duty floor lathes and legs are now included for your convenience. It uses an industrial motor system as the spindle drive. This motor provides overloading capacity and thus handles every kind of tough cut. It also offers only a 2-micro second response speed to load change. The ideal tool for any wood turner.

Puck Light Jig Kit - If you are an installer of LED lights, this tool will help you make a bigger profit with cabinet lights! You don’t need to use a false bottom anymore. If you use this installation kit, you save time and work more cost-efficiently. Your work also looks cleaner and custom-made. You can install wire and puck lights in 5/8” or ¾” panels. The kit includes drill bits and the installation conceals the wire and lights. It is compatible with Loox, Tresco, Domus and Invo lights.

Auto-Line Drill Guide -

This tool has a versatile base and fence system to keep your hole locations on target when drilling. It keeps your drill bit perfectly perpendicular. The drill guide is precisely machined to ensure precision work. Its laser engraved centerlines allow you to align the hole location very accurately. With its vee-groove in the base, you can safely drill round stock. The tool’s versatile fence adjusts easily to the base. The fence then slides under the base enabling you to work close to an edge. A tool for precision work!

Rear Handle Circular Saw - This circular saw is powered by two LXT batteries and delivers enough power and speed for you to work with without bothering with a chord. Its motor delivers 5,100 RPM. The motor is brushless with the result that the motor runs relatively cool and more efficiently. It also ensures longer life than a motor with brushes. To give optimum performance it offers automatic speed change technology that adjusts cutting speed and torque during the cut.

Meta Box - There are a variety of sizes of the metabox to suit whatever your needs are. They all form part of a very intelligent transport and storage system. They are break-proof as they are designed for maximum resilience. The boxes are made of tough and robust material. It offers maximum protection to machine and accessories against moisture and dirt. You can stack and couple boxes with different widths. The boxes are designed to allow you to open any box while stacked without decoupling them.

Pocket-hole Machine If you are a woodworker, cabinet maker, professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast this tool will let you complete joinery work with double the normal speed and half the effort. This pocket-hole machine is built to let you work conveniently and easy. You can start the motor, clamp your material and drill pocket holes with one pull of its handle. A powerful 110-Volt motor provides fast drilling. A quick-change chuck let you change bits tool-free.

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