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Camo Drive Tool

This tool is cordless and attaches to your drill easily. It is provided with 3 quick-change fastening guides. You can use the tool for the edge, clip and face fastening on a variety of deck board surfaces. Because of its design, it reduces wear on your body. With its adjustable handle, you can very comfortably load and operate the tool. Screws collated with this tool secure deck boards to the joist through their edge. This protects the beauty of your deck.

Planer/Jointer with Helical Head,

This planer has a Helical head and is equipped with a powerful 110V/220V 1-1/2 HP motor. This powerful motor drives the cutter head without any stalling. The unique 4-row Helical cutter head guarantees an ultra-smooth finish every time. The 44 4-speed indexable carbide inserts change very easily. The planer offers a feed rate speed of 13 feet per minute. It comes with a 5-year warranty.

Craftpro Sawblades

This manufacturer can provide you with literary every circle saw blade you need. They provide general-purpose blades and blades for specific uses. The blades are all made with premium quality micro-granular tungsten carbide. Every blade is hardened to suit the purpose it is designed for. The types of saw blades available include blades for coarse finish, medium finish and extra-fine finish. The blades can be purchased individually or in packs

Woodworking Cutter Tool

When you are looking for a tool suitable to work on a variety of wood, like solid wood and plywood, to make drawers, cupboards and other woodworking projects, you must have a look at this tool. This is a 1/4 inch shank, 45-degree lock miter router bit, ½-inch stock joint router bit cutter tool for woodworking. Its blade is 1-3/8 inches in diameter. The tool is mainly used for joining wood edge to edge. The tool provides a durable joint. Its heat-resistant coating prevents building-up of saw-dust and resin.

Woodturning Micro Handle and Set If you are a turner working on small projects and miniature turnings where precision is crucial, you must have this excellent tool. The set includes a woodturning micro handle and a set of six miniature tools. The tools include a round nose scraper, a swan neck scraper and a diamond side scraper. The handle is machined from a solid stainless steel bar and is contoured for a comfortable grip. It won’t slip out of your hand. The turning tools lock securely into the handle and lock with two grub screws

Precision Woodworking Square

This square is precision built with a unique design that ensures the square rests hands-free on the edge of the board. To ensure that the tool is absolutely precise and square the blade and the base are machined out of a single aluminum block. This single piece square has a 12” blade and 8” handle and is accurate within one-thousandth of an inch. The tool is designed to feel good in your hand for comfortable handling.

Pocket Hole Kit

With this pocket jig, you can connect your workpieces in a quick and timely manner. It is also ideal for repairs around the house. As it is small and compact in design, it allows you to do applications where a small jig is required. Manual measurements are not needed as the tool’s built-in board thickness locations set-up of your workpieces correctly. The kit offers everything you need to get started with your first pocket hole projects.

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