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Updated: Mar 8, 2021


With this ergonomically-designed gripper, you can lift any type of flat, solid load. You can lift doors, glass panes, gypsum and plywood boards, ceiling panels, metal sheets and much more. You can customize your gripper to suit the different types of materials you frequently use. It grips the load with strong vacuum suction cups. The gripper can even tilt the load 90° without the risk that the load will slip. Anyone, regardless of physical strength, can use the gripper.

Flush Drive

You can attach this flush drive to the nose of the nailer either by set screws or thumb wing nuts. It is compatible with a variety of nailers. Its C-shaped design lets the nail pass through the nail gun without flush drive interference. It is easy to handle and makes your job much easier. It is very affordable and sells for less than $8. A very handy product to have available.

Cabinet Hardware Jig

This cabinet hardware jig is one of the most accurate and versatile jigs on the market. It easily handles shelf pin holes and hinge-plates as well. It is designed and built for speed. You don’t have to mark or clamp the material. It is made from hard-anodized aluminum and the tool comes equipped with laser engraved rulers and case hardened bushings. The hardened steel bushings are engineered to last for over 10,000 holes. If they happen to wear out, the manufacturers offer a free replacement.

Slotting Machine

This grooving machine is specially designed and built for the installation of silicon insulating joints in wooden doors and windows. It is lightweight and easy to handle. It only weighs 1.95kg. The tool’s no-load speed is 14,000 – 30,000 rpm. It is equipped with a double point 3 mm bit and comes with two interchangeable bases. You are also supplied with a lateral fence, a dust collector pipe and a carrying case.

Table Saw Fence

This table saw fence offers automatic positioning control – a must for everyone working with a table saw. You don’t have to depend on a tape measure and your eyesight to position your work. No time is wasted for long set-up times and endless trial and error. This tool uses lead screw technology to position your work instantly and automatically to within 0.002". If you have to repeat cuts, you can return to any former position in less than 5 seconds. The tool offers you the accuracy and perfect repeatability that you needed.

Marking Gauge

This multifunctional tool offers you a marking gauge, a center finder, and a scribing compass al in one tool. With the center finder you find the exact center every time. No guessing or time consuming measuring anymore! With the mark center you can mark up to 2-inches. A pencil and pen core are included. The marking gauge has two independently adjustable rods. This enables you to scribe both sides of a mortice simultaneously.

Clamp Rack-It System This clamp-rack takes a modular approach to organizing your clamps. You have two sizes of arms that can be bolted to the backer plates. You also have a wide variety of spacing you can utilize. The rack’s backer plates and arms are laser-cut from 13-gauge steel. For more durability, the plates and racks have been given a tough, durable powder coat finish. The powder coat will ensure years of using your racking and storing your clamps.

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