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This lathe comes with many new and improved features. It has retained all the features of the prior models such as the sliding headstock, electronic variable speed with low and high-speed ranges, the spindle lock, digital RPM readout, and a laser-etched quill that is self-ejecting. The enhanced features include a movable control box for maximum versatility, adjustable riser blocks for 6 inches or more of height adjustment, and an increased weight of 726 LBS.

Pocket-Hole Jig

This versatile jig is specifically designed for creating pocket-hole joints in materials from ½" to 1-½" thick. Its design is unique and makes the tool adaptable to any workspace or project.

The jig has a handle that can rotate 360-degrees and it features built-in clamping. You set it up easily and fast and it is simple to make material thickness settings. It is equipped with an anti-slip grip to keep your material in place.

Drill Press Table

It always seems as if woodworkers have been an afterthought when drill presses are designed. The focus has been on metal-working features. This drill press auxiliary table transforms the drill press into a more functional woodworking machine. You can install this drill press table system in minutes on virtually every drill press table on the market. It doesn’t interfere with machine adjustments and it expands to support longer work. It also effectively integrate dust collection right at the source.

Vacuum Kit

Do you have problems with dust in places you can’t reach? Then this vacuum kit is just for you. You just push it onto the end of your hose and the flexible tip reaches into the hard-to-reach places. It can also be used to clean the inner workings and all the moving parts of your band saw and other tools. It is easy to clean out bins full of hardware without sucking up nuts and bolts. A very versatile tool to have.

Variable-Speed Wood Lathe

This variable-speed wood lathe offers 24 integrated indexing positions. With its easy-to-reach controls and DRO, it is very convenient to work with. You can choose your speed from 60 up to 3,600 RPM. It works with a unique and innovative ratchet-style belt tension system. The lathe is designed to be very controllable. It also offers an integrated spring-loaded spindle lock. The lathe comes with two handy tool caddies for on-board storage.

Dovetail Maker

With this tool, you can make wood joints of high-quality craftsmanship. No steel connection parts are needed and you have different tenon lengths to work with. It is compatible with other joinery machines. The tool is quick and easy to assemble and it is mobile. It can be used in the workshop or on the construction site. With a unique milling system, you can economically produce advantageous wood connections in your company in the shortest possible time, even without a computer-controlled joinery system


This is a mechanical fixing system for the joinery of wood windows, doors, furniture and art pieces. It is a metal locking system with which you can assemble a door in minutes. And you don’t need any gluing or clamping. It's time-saving, space-saving and cost-saving. Each component of the door and frame can be hooked to your finishing line and sprayed separately. Each inserted piece self-centers both vertically and horizontally. This self-centering process ensures a perfect alignment on each joint.

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