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Carbide Tipped Hole Saw

If you are looking for a carbide-tipped hole saw with high performance and, this tool is what you are looking for. The tool’s high-performance carbide is welded to the cutting edge. This provides durability and prevents tooth loss. It is an extremely versatile and aggressive tooth design to enable you to drill through wood, steel, plaster, stainless steel, and cast iron. With its convenient design, you get a variety of leverage points enabling you to eject plugs easily.

Pencil Precision

This unit can be used by you and your kids. It is designed to make hexagonal pencils with ease. You put the blank in the unit, tighten the clamp and in about 6 strokes you’ve cut a 1 mm groove and the thickness planed. Prepare two blanks and insert them into the grooves. Turn the blanks and create the opposite edge. When glued together you have the perfect pencil.

Miter Saw Protractor

With this miter saw protractor you can easily find saw settings without math! You don’t have to guess and make mistakes anymore. The tool is designed to work on crown molding miters, double miters, single miters, and outside or inside corners. It reads accurately and the durable stainless steel gauge is clearly engraved. This is the ideal tool to trim carpentry, flooring, handrails, decks and much more. If you use your miter saw frequently this protractor is a must.

Steel Clamping Squares

If you want to simplify your project assembly processes these steel clamping squares are worth looking at. It is different from other clamps because of its reinforcing brace running between the two legs. The computerized welding system holds the squares perfectly perpendicular. For durability and stability, all these clamping squares are made from steel. The steel clamping squares are available in different sizes. You can use 3", 6" or 9" sizes. They come in sets of four.


These clamps offer automatically adjustable clamps. They are designed for thick materials. You don’t have to fuss with knobs to adjust the clam’s capacity. You also get powerful and predictable clamping every time. To use, you simply squeeze the clamp’s handle and the tool automatically adjusts to the right thickness. And you don’t have to worry about the clamping pressure – the toll will make sure you get the desired pressure.


When you use this tool your hands are protected as the debris are reflected. The tool enables you to control large stock and it simultaneously contains dust. It is designed and engineered for protection and chip and dust deflection. With freehand routing, it keeps flying debris at bay. As you are shielded from flying debris and dust, you can focus on your work. This is the ideal tool if you frequently work with materials and projects that cause debris flying.

The Machinist and Woodworker The Machinist is a tool for people who are interested in cutting smaller stock materials. Because stock sizes are then generally smaller, you don’t need a large machine. When space in your shop is limited, you might find this tool the ideal fit in your workshop-space. The machine can handle wood, plastic, aluminum, copper and more. The other tool, the Woodworker, is designed with the woodworker in mind. The kit is designed for making signs, furniture, growth charts, nameplates, and more

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