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Carpenter's Square

This carpenter’s square is made from stainless steel. It has a non-glare satin finish. The scales are laser engraved for comfortable reading. The weight is reduced by through-holes into both the cheeks and the body. These cutouts give you a comfortable grip on the tool. It also enhances the overall appearance of the tool. The tool is ideal if you’re working on structures, cabinets or furniture. The carpenter’s square is only made to order and uniquely machined for you.

Joinery System

If you have to repair broken drawers, wobbly chairs, fractured frames, or beat up bookcases this is the perfect tool for you. You don’t need any nails or messy glue. With this tool, you can fix many of your broken furniture and frames instead of replacing them. You only need a drill and this jig. No clamps are necessary. You join the parts by using screws in the holes made by the jig. With this tool, you are always making ultra-strong joints.

Clamp-It Clips

With these clamp-it clips, the corners of boards and panels are kept in perfect alignment while you drive fasteners. With these clamps, it is much easier to make an accurate cabinet, drawer and box assembly. You can choose clips for either 1/2'' or 3/4'' stock thicknesses. The smooth polypropylene clips slide easily over the edge of any panel without scratching the surface. The clips are designed to nest together for easy storage.

Hot Melt Edgebander

This machine gives you high performance, although it is smaller than most others in the market. It allows high-quality edgebanding. It offers easy and quick adjustment as a result of its digital counters and tactile screen. The double head with diamond inserts guarantees perfect grinding of the edge of the panels. You simultaneously can adjust for the tape thickness, the guide and the gluing roller by using a single digital meter. The tool provides automatic temperature control during the working process.

Table Saw Splitters

These table saw splitters eliminate most of the table saw kickback. It keeps your workpiece tight to the fence. The tool prevents the kerf from pinching the saw’s blade. By using the splitters you eliminate binding or burning. The splitters replace the riving knife. You can easily install the splitters on your table saw. This is the ideal extra equipment if you use your table saw frequently.

Cutting Machine

This cutting machine is designed for cutting doors, door frames, baseboards and skirting. It is the ideal machine for installers of parquet or other floor coverings such as carpets, and ceramic. It is equipped with a powerful motor. The machine easily and quickly provides a clean and precise cut. You can adjust the cutting height and depth. Its cutting depth allows you to cut the doors at once. The machine comes with a dust collection nozzle and pipe. You just connect it to an external dust collector.

Magnet-Driven Connecting Fittings

These connecting fittings are the unique connection tool that satisfies the highest demands for aesthetics, stability and productivity. It leaves no visible openings. You can quickly detach and reconnect the fittings at any time with the magnet drive. You can quickly screw the connectors and studs into prepared 12 mm drill holes by using a cordless drill. The fitting is then fixed to the cordless drill and rotated on the surface to close the connection. It gives you a clamping force of up to 250 kg per connector.

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