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This wood hog is the perfect horizontal grinder for processing wood waste and other debris. You can process literally any debris into saleable products. This hog weighs 96,500 lbs. and is 11'5.5" wide. It has the standard Caterpillar 325L undercarriage. The infeed bed is longer than previous grinders from the same manufacturer, and it has now sloped sides. This improves operator sight, and loading of material is much more efficient.

Cyclone 8

This tool is the perfect choice for landscapers, and golf courses and pruning crews. It is very easy to transport the tool and to operate it. It is a chipper that combines a wide infeed chute opening and a 1 1/4" thick chipping disc. The tool has a single top feed wheel compression system. It also provides spring-assisted down pressure. The tool generates more than 2,300 lb./ft. of material pulling force. This makes it easy to feed a variety of materials.

Band Saw For Woods

This machine rotates 360 degrees and is ideal for people who need the freedom to move around to make circular cuttings. The 360-degree rotation is possible as a result of the machine’s central column. This band saw is equipped with a pressure lock for safety reasons. It also offers you a copying device that is combined with a template application. It can reproduce a shape on more wood pieces. It is a very handy tool.

Milling Motor

This very quiet milling and grinding motor is a product that is manufactured under the strictest quality controls. Its speed can be adjusted to suit applications. The motor offers a soft start and idle speed reduction. It also has constant speed under load and is overload protected. It is ideal for model making, advertising, engraving, jewelry, electronics, and masonry carvings. For easy and convenient tool changes, you can lock the spindle with the push of a button.

Woodcutting Router (c2-9)

This machine’s bed is made of a rectangular tube and a 10 mm steel plate. The shaft drivers work with high speed but accurately. It has reduced noise even when it reaches the high speed of 30m per minute. The machine is very efficient and no intermittent tool change is necessary. It works with a one-button tool change system. The system automatically records the work process. It does not need to return to the original point. This saves processing time, and improve work efficiency. With the tool, all the wood chips are sucked away automaticaly.

Low Price Band Saw

This tool is in the market at a low price. This can be a bit deceptive though, because it doesn’t include blades, the stand, the miter gauge, and even the power plug. The stand will increase the overall price by about 15%. The tool is small, with 350mm cast aluminum flywheels. Its maximum cutting capacity is 235 mm. It weighs 100 kg and that is quite heavy for such a small machine. But it is a result of the high-quality materials used.

System Connectors

This self-clamping connector has three functions. It can align, clamp and connect.

The high level of clamping force glue pieces together without the need for screw clamps or pressure. It is a two-part concealed connector that opens up a completely new connection process in the interior fitting. The speed and simplicity of the entire design make it easy to work with. The tool is designed for use as a gluing aid. As you can preload the joining elements beforehand, the amount of force required when connecting the workpieces reduces.

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