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Top 7 DIY Woodworking Tools Part 26

Wood Expert

If you frequently need to make precise corner-cutting and drilling operations, this tool is a must-have for you. It is designed for exactly that. The tool is manufactured to process door frame profiles by cutting 0 / 45 degrees. The left head of the tool is fixed, while the right one is mobile. It is made with a robust body with linear guideways on all mobile units. The tool offers you horizontal and vertical pneumatic clamping.

Multiple Holes And CNC Milling

This machine is for enterprises making and installing modular kitchens. To make holes with this machine is very easy, fast and precise. Your costs are also kept low as many processes are combined in a single machine. With the easy-to-use parametric interface, it is very simple to use. The machine’s software runs on a Windows operating system. This saves you time and money as once a drawing is made, it automatically adjusts the necessary shifts, holes, and even the number of holes.


If you need router aggregates and accessories for CNC machines this is the enterprise to contact. It has a very sound business philosophy. It is to supply reliable products and services to meet your requirements. It is one of the most customer-focused enterprises in the industry. Its partnership with CNC offers you only the best sales and after-sales services. You can also use them for consulting you on your production and service.

CNC Router Aggregates

An aggregate increases the performance and productivity of your CNC router. It will only cost you a modest investment. This company is a leading manufacturer and produces all types of custom aggregates for special applications. The company offers a full repair & maintenance service of CNC aggregates. They can provide a detailed analysis report and repair cost estimation. The estimate includes cleaning, disassembly, detailed analysis, documentation with photographs, and a report. Fast repair and delivery are guaranteed

Turning Tools

With this tool, two simple techniques take you from roughing out your project to a flawless final surface. Sharpening equipment and skill aren’t needed. To give you this excellent tool, the manufacturers use their exclusive carbide inserts and built them into the tool. It is designed in such a way the It doesn’t matter what exotic wood, acrylic product or cast hybrid you work with, this tool out-cuts and out-lasts everything else on the market.

Crosscut Station

With this tool, you get miter saw quality from your circular saw. With your circular saw and this tool’s guided cutting you get all the capabilities of a miter saw. Its boards are wide and can handle up to 12" at 90°. With this tool, you can make a variety of angle and miter cuts from 0° to 45°. This is made possible with the adjustable fence and molded-in angle alignments.

Dovetail Jig

With this jig you can create the look of hand-cut dovetails on stock up to 24" wide. As part of the deal, you also get a great dust collection and 12 additional router bits with the kit. It also offers adjustable guide fingers. This takes away the need to dimension your workpiece to suit the jig. You can work with boards up to 24" wide and 1-1/4" thick.

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