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Top 7 DIY Woodworking Tools Part 27

Portable Roll Groovers

This groover is a manual roll groover. You use it in field applications. It only needs 3 1/2″ clearance to travel around a pipe. For grooving, it needs a minimum of 2 3/4″ of exposed pipe. The tool’s cast-in handle makes it easy for you to transport it. You also use the handle to chain the tool down to prevent theft, or chaining the groover down to prevent theft.


This tool is small and light, but very strong. With the tool, you can comfortably cut without crushing. It needs less effort to cut wires than most other similar tools. Cutting is much easier than with standard cable shears. With its ergonomic handle design, it fits comfortably into your hand. You can cut multi-core stranded copper and aluminum cables up to a diameter of 15 mm (50 mm²). It also cuts solid copper and aluminum cables up to 5 x 4 mm².

High Visibility Safety Vests

The vests are designed for maximum durability. The full, tear-resistant 6 woven construction survives the most rugged environments. The surveyor’s safety vest is designed to allow you to carry many items in its 27 pockets. The vests have reinforced pockets. They are constructed from moisture-wicking and anti-microbial treated fabric. You stay cool and dry in these vests. They also have dedicated hearing protection storage. You can use the vests when working at construction, road construction, traffic direction, and much more.

Cordless Random Orbital Sander

This cordless orbital sander runs smoothly with low vibration. It has a grip area with a non-slip soft-grip. It minimizes surface damage as a result of its soft start when the machine is placed on the material. It offers a unique brushless motor with high efficiency when grinding, even in continuous mode. It has an orbit diameter of 2 mm. You can work with different materials because of its variable speed. It can be connected to a vacuum cleaner.

Corner Finisher

This tool is used to skim interior 90-degree angles after the bedding coat is applied. Its high carbon steel blades remove excess compound. It feathers the edges so that they don’t need sanding. It is made with stainless steel frames. It is designed that a spring-loaded action compensates for imperfect angles. The tool is fully calibrated and ready to use each time. If you don’t want to buy it, remember flexible rental options are available.

Thermal Camera

With this camera, you take photos of everything on site. The thermal camera is made to withstand a 2-meter drop and is water and dust resistant. So, even if your camera falls when you are on-site, you just pick it up and go on photographing. It will work every time. With this camera, you can add all the information you want to remember. It records voice/sound up to 60 seconds per thermal image. It identifies exactly what you see in real-time.

Air And Water Hoses

Do you need custom-made air and water hoses? Then you have to contact this hose center. The center supplies tailored air and water hoses. It creates custom hoses on the spot. The spools let customers create their own custom-length hoses in the shop or on the job site. The hoses are flexible in extreme weather conditions and won’t kink under pressure. They lay flat as they are designed not to have a memory.

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