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1.BUCKTOOL 1HP Wall-mount Dust Collector with 550CFM Air Flow-

This dust collector is affordable at less than $210. For this price, you receive a very sufficient tool. It offers a powerful induction motor offering 6.5 Amp 550 CFM airflow. When you buy this tool you save 20% on the dust filter bag. It has a 2-micron dust bag and the efficiency can even be enhanced if you match the dust bag with its 2-micron filter bag. The tool has wheels with brakes for easy movement.

2. Introducing MATCHFIT X-PAD™ (4-Pack) by Microjig-

If you’ve ever been frustrated when clamping round stock, you must get this product. You can use this tool with spacers to keep any workpiece steady. This steadiness is needed when you are executing any process that requires unrestricted access to the top of the piece. It attaches to most caps of any dovetail clamp. Its V-groove along one axis is designed to let you work easily with round stock. You can purchase this product for less than $13.

3. Kaindl Super-Carver-

This tool is designed for the manual carving of wood. You can use it on different grinders. The cutting circle is 4.5 inches and it has a mounting hole of 0.87 inches. You can see exactly where the cutter is working, due to the specific arrangement of the holes at the cutting radius. The tool is made from a single piece of aircraft aluminum, and extremely durable HW cutting plates, which are rotatable and replaceable.

4. Making Pocket T-Square - Woodpeckers-

This T-square’s wooden case has easy access finger slots which make it a very comfortable tool to use. Precisely spaced holes are drilled every 1/16-inch and there are additional holes on 1-inch centers. Its measuring scales are laser engraved for easy reading. The beveled scale edges also improve your line of sight to the piece you’re working with. The T-square is accurate to 0.001-inch. You can purchase this tool for less than $105 and it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

5. Variocut-

This tool offers you an ideal solution for all your problems when cutting expansion gaps. It assists you to create very neat and small expansion gaps. You can set the saw blade to small width by using the tool’s rotary knob which can be adjusted in increments of 1/10 mm. If you frequently work with wood where you have to create expansion gaps, this is the tool to purchase as it is ideal for gaps of 4-8mm.

6. Trend Craft Pro Router Cutter Bits -

If your job or hobby includes engraving, grooving, rebating and shallow morticing, this tool will be ideal for you. It is suitable for a wide range of applications with its two fluted tungsten carbide straight cutters. You can use it on a variety of materials, including softwoods, hardwoods, MDF, plywood and chipboard. All cutters have a bottom cut feature and when deep cuts have to be made, more than one pass should be made. You can purchase the tool for less than $40.

7. ZEROPLAY 360 Sled Kit by MicroJig-

For less than $26 you can purchase this hassle-free miter bars. They use one-touch calibration. They fit any standard T-track miter slot as long as the width of the slot is between 0.73-inch and 0.70-inch, and at least 5/16-inches deep. They have a 360 degrees adjustability. They offer no slop, no side-to-side play and no seasonal warping. For easy and fast mounting to jigs, fixtures and sleds they only need a top-down installation.

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