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Top 7 Modern Fasteners to Fix Amazing Things

Allfasteners Wedge Anchors

Do you frequently work with heavy-duty fastening applications where strong and high pull-out values in concrete are needed? Then you need this wedge anchor. The anchor has a high resistance to vibratory loads. Therefore it is ideal for installing machinery, storage racks, etc. The anchor can be used in cracked and uncracked concrete. The anchor and the hole diameter are the same. Thus the anchor installation is easy. You only put the anchor through the existing hole in the material. It can be used in fastening steel, aluminum, or wood to concrete.

Fischer Gas Actuated Fastening Tool

You can use this gas actuated fastening tool for fast and reliable installations of applications like drywall tracks and electrical connections on floors, walls and ceilings. Its attached stand gives support. But you can remove the stand to drive nails in narrow areas. With its 100 joules power, the tool ensures correct penetration into the working surface. And you don’t have drilling and dust. It can be used with a wide range of nails and this provides a perfect match for nearly all materials. You can use the tool on concrete, solid bricks, sand-lime masonry walls and steel.

Simpson Strong-Ties

These are the perfect fasteners for attaching sheathing and subfloors to a joist so that floors don’t squeak. They offer a fast and cost-effective way to attach material. You don’t need collated screw fastening tools anymore. This system’s auto-feed screw driving action is easy to use. They are durable and designed for a wide variety of fastening applications. You are furnished with quick-loading screw strips, precise countersink adjustment, and an auto-advance mechanism. You save time and money by using the system.

Molly One Ultra Fixings For Solid Walls

With these fixings, you can fix solid walls without plugging. All you have to do is quickly and easily drill a hole into the solid material. You then screw the fixing into the hole. It cuts its own thread. The fixing you’re putting in is secured by gripping onto the material with its threads. It is not expanding, so you can use it close to the edges of solid material. There is no risk of a breakout. You can use the fixing for securing objects up to 540 kg without the risk of a breakout – really heavy-duty fixings!

Albany County Fasteners T-Nuts

This company’s stainless steel T-nuts are considered one of the best in the market. Their zinc plated nuts are ideal for indoor use. If you’ve never used T-nuts, it is now the time to start. T-nuts are used in wood, composite, and other soft materials. Made from an internal threaded barrel and flange, they have prongs that dig into the soft installation surface. The prongs of a T-Nut act as hooks and hold the nut to the surface. Installing a T- nut is quick and simple. A T-nut and bolt provide good retention in wood over time.

Timco Bits

If you are a trade professional or a DIY enthusiast, there are instances when you have to drill a large hole through the brickwork. The hole could be for soil pipes, fitting vents, boiler flues, and more. With these professional diamond core bits, you get the best results every time. The multi-purpose bit is designed for rapid drilling into wood, masonry and more. Its uses are virtually endless. It is a must-have for the tradesman’s toolbox and the DIY enthusiast’s tool drawer.

Desoutter Breakout Control

With this device, you can avoid material damage. It is a controlled method for drilling. The tool has the ability to control the thrust and feed rate. And this is done regardless of the material you use or the operator’s skill level. This tool makes hand drilling a less complex operation. The tool eliminates composite delamination and breakout burrs. It also eliminates excessive wear on cutters and the dependency on the operator’s skill. The cutters are easy to change and saves time. A tripod and vacuum are optional accessories.

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